Chinese team disqualified for cheating at the World Military Games hosted in China

The World Military Games this year take place in Wuhan, China


The Military World Games, organized every four years by the Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM, International Military Sports Committee or International Military Sports Council), is a multi-sport event for military sportspeople from all over the world.

A Chinese team has been kicked out of the Military World Games which were held in Wuhan, China after other countries alerted judges to “extensive cheating” by the hosts.

The Chinese athletes had qualified for the first, second and fourth place in the women’s mid-distance orientation race, and had finished second in the men’s race, held on Sunday, according to a statement released by the International Orienteering Federation (IOF).

After an official complaint from six European countries, including Russia and France, the judges found that Chinese athletes had been helped by local spectators, who had posted signs and prepared special trails to favor Chinese athletes.

Participation in the long-distance competition was therefore forbidden to the team.

“The IOF takes the actions of the Chinese team very seriously,” IOF Secretary General Tom Hollowell said in a statement, adding that the organization was “investigating if any further actions need to be taken to guarantee the fairness of competition at the upcoming World Cup final in Guangzhou, China from October 25.”

The final results of the race


Dmitri Tcvetkov (RUS)
Frederic Tranchand (FRA)
Ionut Zinca (ROM)


Anastasiia Rudnaia (RUS)
Ursula Kadan (AUT)
Elena Roos (SUI)

Like the Olympics, the World Military Games are held every four years.

The first edition was organized by the Italian region of Aosta Valley from 20 to 25 of March 2010.

The event, which will continue until October 30th, was the first time it was organized in China.

Over 9,000 athletes from 109 countries took part in the Wuhan games, according to local organizers.

Among the disciplines, there are swimming, parachuting, archery, orientation, and fighting.

At the moment China leads the ranking.



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