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China plans to replace Carrie Lam as Hong Kong’s chief exec, as unrest continues

According to the Financial Times, the Chinese government has a plan to bring in Carrie Lam's successor by March

Carrie Lam cries during press conference_China plans to replace Carrie Lam

According to the Financial Times, the Chinese government is outlining a plan to replace Carrie Lam with a new interim governor.

If the Chinese president decides to go ahead with the proposal, Carrie Lam’s successor would be appointed by March, covering the remainder of her term.

They would not necessarily stay on for a full five-year term afterwards.

Successors include the former head of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Norman Chan.

Henry Tang, who was the financial secretary and chief secretary of the administration, is another possible candidate.

Also according to the Financial Times report, China would like to stabilize the situation in the former British colony before proceeding.

The protests, now in their fifth month, are seen as the most serious challenge to Communist party authority in three decades.

In September, in response to another Reuters News Agency report about a recording of Lam saying she would resign if she could, the governor said she had never asked the Chinese government to resign to end the crisis city policy.

Since June, millions of people protested against the gradual erosion of the city’s autonomy by the Chinese authorities.

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