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Hong Kong protesters try to force way into the legislative building over China extradition bill

Last Updated on 2021/06/30

July 1st marks the anniversary of Hong Kong handover between Britain and China and a great peaceful demonstration was organized to honor the principle of “one country, two systems”.

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According to the protesters, this principle was disavowed by the Hong Kong governor’s initiative with the extradition bill, apparently intended to facilitate and simplify the capture of criminals, but which in reality, according to critics and protesters, will be used to erode the increasingly limited independence of Hong Kong, sanctioned by the Basic Law, extraditing dissonant voices in China.

Already two weeks ago this bill had triggered massive protests by a large part of Hong Kong’s population who had taken to the streets on several occasions to protest against the government, which was considered too zealous for the Chinese central authority.

While a peaceful march began, starting in Victoria Park and arriving in Central, on the other hand, young protesters are engaged in clashes against police outside the government headquarters.

The police, in riot gear, waiting inside the Hong Kong Legislative Council, tried to communicate with the protesters using a microphone.

Some officers approached the protesters and ordered them not to charge again.

The tension increased when protesters threw a shopping cart against the building’s doors.

Meanwhile, the Chinese web as often happens on these occasions, is kept in the dark about what happens in Hong Kong or is given a grotesquely distorted version.

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