Sun prints (AKA blue photograph) is photography without the use of camera. 


“BLUE” is a Contemporary Traditional Photography series – a collection of Sun prints from Wong’s original Chinese paintings.

Sun prints (AKA blue photograph) is photography without the use of camera.

The title – “Blue” reflects the blues the artist faces as less and less young viewers appreciate and practice traditional painting in the digital age.

Contemporary Traditional PhotographyThe project is an “act”/ performance of the artist making photo negatives of her traditional paintings (darkness) and bringing Sunlight into the art form (hope) resulting in the creation of “Contemporary Traditional” arts (creation).


“THE BLUE ARTIST” is a self-portrait of the artist – Anita Yan Wong

BLUE project link on artist website:

Artist Bio

Anita Yan Wong, M.F.A., M.A., is an American Chinese Impressionist painter best known for her distinct dynamic brush works and unique style of Contemporary Traditional paintings that defies tradition and modernity.
The artist is a long time pupil of Hsin Pengjiu, a World-renowned Lingnan style master (嶺南畫派) and first pupils of Chao Shao An and Pu Hsin-Yu (Aisin-Gioro Puru), cousin of Pu Yi, the last emperor of China.
Wong is currently teaching at UC Berkeley Extension fine art department in San Francisco, California with the goal of promoting “Contemporary Traditional” Painting.
She has collaborated with MAHB, Stanford University with the goal of preserving Lingnan Guo Hua and the beauties in nature.
Yale University’s China Hands Magazine described her paintings as “Traditional art form that questions the modern minds.”

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