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The popularity of game culture in China

The history of games in China is almost as old as Chinese culture.

Chinese immigrants in the United States and other Western countries have brought their gambling habits with them.

According to data released in California, 80% of casino customers are of Asian origin. Favorite games range from slots to Baccarat.

As for the Chinese, according to some this happens because in their country of origin gambling is prohibited and therefore they are quite happy to exploit this possibility in foreign states where gambling is legalized.

Gambling is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and is an accepted form of social interaction, to be together and to spend time.

In China, there is a saying that says “a little gambling is good for your health, but too much can drive you mad”.

During weddings, parties, and meetings, it is quite normal for people to play Mah Jong for the whole night by betting money.

One of the oldest board games in the world, Go, was born in China in 3000-4000 BC. According to some, perhaps at the beginning, it was a form of divination, since astrology also played an important historical role in Chinese society.

Others say that Go was invented by a king to improve the mental faculties of his son.

However, today, Go and Mah Jong are activities that allow even older people to keep their minds sharp and alert.

Pai Gow and Shi Bo, are other games in Chinese culture.

Pai Gow is also played with carved tiles. It can be played in casinos for real money. It’s the aim of the player to match the 32 dominos up and create a winning hand, similar to poker.

Today, the special administrative region of Macao, the former Portuguese colony, currently hosts many of the most prestigious casinos in the world such as The Venetian Macao, the world’s biggest casino, Hotel Lisboa, Wynn Palace, Four Seasons Hotel Macao and MGM Cotai .

Macau, located on the southern coast of China, is the only place in the country where gambling is legal.

It is no coincidence that we have often talked about it as a sort of Disneyland for adults, specialized in the gambling sector.

The trade war with the United States has, in any case, affected the casino business in Macau.

The Chinese government always monitors the huge flow of money to and from Macao, trying to intercept all transactions considered illegal.

The most recent seizure took place last January, with the seizure of 4.4 billion dollars, after President Xi Jinping warned of the risks of the Chinese economy.

But this does not seem to worry too much the local business as the flow of tourists has even increased in recent years reaching a quota of 33 million tourists every year, especially during the last Chinese New Year, which recorded the arrival of over 1.2 million people within seven days.

Hotels had an average occupancy rate of 97 percent, however, these visitors are spending less inside the casinos, because this year they were looking for more “experiential” holidays.

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