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China at a Glance – Interesting Information About China

If you would like to know some interesting facts about China, then simply read this article and get a super quick glimpse of China and Chinese culture!

China is the most populated country of the world (every 5th person in the world is a Chinese!) It is the fourth largest country in the world in terms of dimension. Do you know that Macau, a region in China, is the most densely populated region of the world; it is also famous as the Gambling capital of China. So all those people, who like Gambling, Live casino and related environment, feel free to visit Macau at any time!

There are two main languages that are spoken in China – Mandarin and Cantonese. However, reliable sources like, states that there are almost 300 languages that are spoken in different parts of China. Though these languages have more or less originated from either Mandarin or Cantonese, but they are regional languages and they are there for their own identity. Like languages,

Unique identity of China

China has got her own identity in terms of everything. What works in different parts of world and is universally acclaimed might not hold true in China. For example, is an undisputed search engine in the most popular in the world that hardly 2% of people use that in China. The most popular social network FB is banned in China. Then China has got QQ, which is an alternative to Gmail. Likewise, China has got a local alternative for all other world-famous websites as well. This uniqueness has made China different from other parts of the world and hence, she has been able to establish herself in the world.

How China became No. 1 Economy of the world?

China has a peculiar characteristic of learning and understanding the fundamentals of everything, then improvising on it and finally developing its counterpart replica, which is more or less at par with the original. China has mastered this art like no other country. Replica of all world class electronics and gadgets are made in China and they are able to do it that at much lesser cost. This is resulted in tremendous development of the country in terms of exports and she has become overtaken US and become the largest economy of the world since 2014. However, replica is not the only area in which Chinese expertise. China has also invented ice cream, umbrella, tooth brush, gun powder, chopsticks and many more things, which confirms the multi-dimensional and multi-talented nature of China and Chinese people.

Some other interesting facts about China

One of the facts that you might be interested in knowing about China is about the Great Wall of China. Considered as one of the seven wonders of modern era, the Great Wall of China was rumored as the only structure on Earth that can be viewed from the space. However, this is a mere myth and this has been confirmed as a rumor by NASA. Another interesting thing is that Chinese are bicycle lovers. Chinese also boasts of being bicycle friendly nation and Chinese love to commute using bicycles.

Apart from it, China is a Capitalist country which simply means that the government is authoritative in taking decisions and at times, it can take hard decisions, which might look like dictatorial, but are meant for the development of the country. One such decision was that of ‘One child, one family law’, which stated that no couple can have more than one child. This decision was taken in order to control the population of the country and was later relaxed to two children per family after a series of protest across the nation.

On the brighter side, some laws have been a boon to the society, the most popular of them being the ‘Elderly Right Law’ which makes it compulsory for every person to visit and take care of their parents who are over 60 years of age, failing which could enforce legal action against them. Chinese government also takes fraudulent activities very seriously and even has a death penalty provision under its fraudulent act. Interestingly, those who are caught cheating during the exams too can attract an imprisonment up to seven years!

Around half of the Chinese population is not religious while the other half primarily practices Buddhism and Taoism. Chinese are bicycle lovers and China boasts of producing as well as consuming most bicycles in the world. It also boasts of successfully organizing the most expensive Olympics in 2008. Its gross spending went over 40 billion USD!

Finally, on the lighter side of the story, Chinese government has made ‘Reincarnation permission’ mandatory for everyone! What it means is that if you plan to be reincarnated, then it is compulsory for you to present your petition before the government and get it approved. If you failed to do this and you are being recognized and caught as a reincarnation, then you would be entitled for punishment by the law of the land… ! So, if you have serious plans of coming back to this earth and especially in China, then you better do it in a well documented way, else you would be in trouble… !


Different countries have different perceptions about China. Some people like China, while others do not like her that much. They might have got their own reasons for it. However, we cannot deny the fact that today. China is one of the most influential countries of the world. She has worked hard to come this far and hence, the world needs to acknowledge, appreciate and accept this fact. We hope that you were able to find some interesting information about China in this article. As with any other country, China too has got its own share of success and failures. But she has been able to successfully survive the tough transition period of change, and today China is one of the most powerful and influential countries of the world.

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