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Blast at a chemical plant in China: 47 dead, 640 injured

Last Updated on 2019/03/22

A blast in a pesticide plant in Jiangsu caused the death of 44 people, and the wounding of 640.

The incident, which registered a small earthquake in the area, took place Thursday in the industrial district of Chenjiagang Industrial Park in the Yancheng city.

The last major incident occurred in another chemical plant in Zhangjiakou, Hebei last November, which had killed 22 people and injured 22 others.

Some children from a nearby kindergarten remained injured.

The accident started in a building of the Tianjiayi Chemical Company has spread to the surrounding plants.

About 1000 residents have been evacuated as a precaution in the event of leaks or other explosions.

Monitoring stations did not detect abnormal traces of chemical substances.

The local government will launch a series of inspections of plants and warehouses of chemical products i.

A series of incidents

The question of safety in the country’s chemical plants has been at the center of the media debate in China for several years now.

President Xi Jinping himself, who is currently visiting Italy, said that all measures should be taken to helping the wounded and “maintaining social stability”.

According to Xi, the authorities must take the necessary measures to prevent such incidents.

The injured and the survivors were taken to 16 hospitals.

640 would be the people who are receiving medical care.

In August 2015, we all remember the incredible explosion of a chemical warehouse in Tianjin that killed 165 people.

The explosion occurred in Tianjin, one of the main port of China, was so large that it could be seen by satellites and recorded by seismographs.

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