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Putin bought a honey jar as a gift to Xi Jinping

In recent years, thanks to a series of memes, the figure of Xi Jinping has often been associated with the cute little bear Winnie the Pooh, created by the imagination of the English writer A. A. Milne.

This association was irreverent and disrespectful towards the Chinese leader, so much so that the new film on Winnie The Pooh, part of the merchandising and publications associated with the bear were banned in China, although of course, books are still available in both black markets, and in many smaller bookstores.

Why Xi Jinping is associated with Winnie the Pooh?


However, associating Winnie the Pooh with Xi Jinping is highly discouraged in China and any reference is immediately removed from online social platforms.

This rule naturally does not apply to Vladimir Putin, who during a recent meeting with Xi Jinping during the negotiations of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, bought him as a gift a jar of honey.

Source: Putin ha regalato un barattolo di miele a Xi Jinping

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