Guide to Asian Online Casinos


have a great history of gambling. The Chinese developed Keno as a
state-run lottery that financed building the Great Wall. In ancient
India, entire empires were won and lost on rolls of dice. In time,
Asian and European gambling united and games such as craps,
blackjack, baccarat and Pai Gow took their modern forms. Today there
are many games of both Asian and European origins popular at online

this post, I tried to cover up about Asian online casino. Visitors
from certain countries may find some of the games discussed are not
supported in the market of their country.

of Asian Gambling

fact appears as a wonder to many people, but the reality is that
Asians have been participating in gambling games for longer than
about any another civilization on the earth. The initial historical
studies from countries like China and Japan see that Asians were very
much zest with games of luck and other games that very nearly
represent the online casino plays you can play on the internet today.

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common as 3,000 years ago, Asian civilizations were playing games
that are not too different from games like Blackjack and Poker which
we play these days. Though the Chinese have been well-known fans of
gambling in all its various forms, more current history is deformed
by restrictions and laws. Despite laws restricting people from
gambling, the Chinese still played. Nowadays the government of China
is much more carefree than it has been at specific points in the
history which has allowed more and more people to log on and play

isn’t only China that is into gambling, as countries like Japan and
Korea have their legendary gambling histories as well. Unlike China,
these two countries have far less prohibitive governments and have
been able to play at online casinos smoothly for some time now.

Online Casinos

is a very big continent that accounts for almost 60% of the world’s
populations. Depending on which nation you live in, the language,
currency, and gambling rules are different. This can be a complicated
topic as most citizens of China will want to use a casino that allows
Chinese debit cards. Those
in Thailand
are looking for online casinos that take Baht and
shifts from Thai bank accounts. Related is true for citizens of other
countries. We’ve done all the hard work and have presented detailed
guides about Asian online casinos.

Asia is the greatest gambling market in the globe, which is why
well-known casino operators like Bodog is building online casinos
concentrating on the Asian supermarket. Considering over 60% of the
population of the planet lives in Asia, it is engaging to many casino
operators who want to run Asia online casinos. Moreover, Asians are
more using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to play
their preferred online casino games on the move.

To Find the Best Online Casino in Asia

for the best online casino in Asia shouldn’t be too difficult.
Players can choose any of the Asian online casino sites; they can
rest assured of a safe gambling experience.

still choosing an Asia online casino, players should be cautious.
Because no Asian country licenses and governs any online casino, they
cannot expect their government or authorized firms to come to save
them if they get fooled by the online casino. Due to this reason,
they should take care to enroll only at Asia online casinos
authorized by reputed gambling authorities such as Isle of Man,
Alderney, Kahnawake, UK, and others.

addition to accrediting, Asian online players should also take note
of the following points:

at Asian online casinos includes real money and giving online gaming
executives with personal data. So it is important to find a reputable
gaming place you will play at. A reliable online casino should be
governed and licensed by a reputable gaming jurisdiction, offer you
with fair play, allow your national currency and maintain a variety
of secure and comfortable banking methods thus enabling you to
support your account and cash out your winnings. These are the most
important criteria when it comes to making your choice.


Asian players can use a broad array of casino banking methods. For
instance, Asia online casino players use credit/debit cards,
electronic wallets (e-wallets), prepaid vouchers, wire transfer,
prepaid cards, bank transfer, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
methods, and mobile payment solutions to load their casino accounts.
Make sure that the online casino you prefer to register at provides
the banking method you are most comfy with.

While it is nice to sign up at Asian online casinos that offer
substantial rewards and bonuses, players should ensure that those
rewards and bonuses are easily accessible. All casino bonuses and
gifts are associated with casinos terms and requirements and players
should understand those thoroughly before declaring a bonus to avoid
failure in the future. You should select only Asian online casinos
with bonus proposals that are simple to recognize, claim, and get.

Support Service:

We completely suggest testing an Asian online casino’s customer
support service prior to registering. If the customer support team is
quick in responding and friendly and polite to users as well as
potential users, players can rest assured that it is a best rated
online casino.


We suggest opting for an online casino that is compatible with a
range of mobile devices so you can play your preferred online casino
games on any digital device and even gain real cash winnings while on
the move.

of Casinos in Asia

though there are impressive number of casinos in Asia, other forms of
gambling are not remarkable excluding lottery systems. But first,
what casino games are popular in Asia? They are Blackjack; Texas
Hold’em Poker, Sic Bo, Boule, Roulette, Slot Machines, Craps,
Casino War, Three-Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Fan Tan, Keno,
Fortune 3 Card Poker, Celestial Dragon, Fortune Baccarat, and most
notably, Baccarat and Three-Card Baccarat casino games.

isn’t very successful in Asia, but this depends on the areas.
Poker, on the other hand, is quite successful even though it is just
11 years old in Macau. Moreover, sports betting is considerably
famous. The main sports Asians place wagers on are, greyhound racing
and, horse racing. Other sports are not accessible, though many
bookmakers are operational across Asia.

expected, the lottery is everywhere all the way through the
continent. Similar to other continents, Asian lotteries are
independently run and operated by the national government or a
regional government within the appropriate country or region. For
instance, Singapore Pools is the state pool which runs lottery games
like Toto and 4D in Singapore.

like every other continent, online gambling and Bitcoin gambling
depends on the legislation of each country. In the United Arab
Emirates (UAE), online gambling is completely prohibited, i.e.,
gambling on a local or offshore gambling website is highly banned and
punishable under the law. In India, both online and Bitcoin gambling
are illegal, but gambling on offshore websites is permitted.

burden for the achievement of an Asian Online Casino Marketing
business does not fall just on the Asian marketing organization. It
requires being a collaborative unit effort at the business. It is
also essential that proper informative arrangements be generated and
executed that will educate everyone in the field as to the value of
the Asian players and that they can influence profitability for the
whole casino positively. Shared responsibilities will help guarantee
success for all. When done properly, cultural awareness programs can
be exciting and entertaining for everyone. They can also be very
informative as well as develop your non-Asian staff about some of the
Asian cultures, traditions, and even notions. How many of your casino
workers experience the Asian belief in Feng Shui or Asian notions
related to numbers?

other benefit is timing. Several Asian players do not stick to the
usual Western holidays and hence certain holidays such as
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter when the casino is usually dead
can be very productive if the casino properly plans to try to
maximize Asian play on these usually quiet days. Asian fun is a big
draw but can be costly if not adequately bought and maintained. There
are outside professional consulting services that practice in this
area and may well be the customary process to continue for many
casinos with not enough supplies and limited knowledge in Asian
online casino marketing. Asian players are no distinct than Non-Asian
players. They require the similar things. They want to be noted. They
want to be treated equitably. And they look for Value. I keep
insisting that the casino industry today is not about earning money
but rather about building value for the players. Create the value
first and making money will be simple. The meaning of value
translates the same whether in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean
or any other language.

Gambling in Asia: A Positive Bet or a Hopeless Gamble?

Asian casino market is an exciting place to watch in the following
years since the land-based casino games are falling more and more
clients in the online field.

the same time, we need to direct our awareness to the main countries
that control this trade, even if they did not entirely manage or
prohibit merely online gambling actions, like Japan, China or Korea.

the online gambling aspect over Asia forms a problematic picture to
follow, especially for the foremost players, things are not tough to

observed that Muslim countries ban gambling actions based on
religious purposes, but we also observed countries with strong
administrative leadership preventing this rather “liberal” area
of the broadcasting world.

the other end of our business, we find “gambling havens” such as
Macau and Philippines assuming a very friendly approach towards this

ultimately, in the middle, we observe countries that may have banned
gambling but do not try to prevent these activities, particularly as
long as they take place online, such as Malaysia or Thailand.

the globe where the digital field is united to the legal area, and
the technological proposals improve the overall human activity, we
can only expect an ever-growing organized market to develop over the
international scene.

about Casinos in Asia

most countries in Asia, the least gambling age is 18 years. Though,
in some countries like Macau, the least gambling age is 18 years for
foreigners but 21 years for citizens.

view of that, SJM Holdings Limited, Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG),
and American company Las Vegas Sands Corporation are the three
general casino licensees in Macau SAR.

Online Casino Games in Asia

players are recognized for their high-roller actions in Macau
casinos. Asian players enjoy placing large bets on games of luck such
as roulette, blackjack, craps, and baccarat. They also love online
slots, for this reason, gaming software providers (Microgaming and
Playtech) have launched so many Asia-themed slots.

I gamble when in Asia?

answer to this question differs and depending on where in Asia you
happen to be. If you live in a nation which bans gambling but doesn’t
hunt down users then why not? If you live in a nation which allows
gambling and turns a blind eye to the offshore casino, absolutely,
you can play. However, if you happen to be based in a country with
strict laws, then it is not advisable to gamble online, even with
VPN’s and proxies. The penalties can be far too being worth it,
depending on the country you are in.

about Asia Online Casinos

is a non-regulated online gaming market, so you have to be concerned
when you prefer an online casino you will pay your time and money at.
Since there are no jurisdictions that can ensure integrity and
security, you have to look for gaming places which are fully
authorized by reliable officials operating in other domains.

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