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China: Ways to Get Healthy

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

China: Ways to Get Healthy

It’s always interesting to see how other people deal with their stress and their problems. Many people in the West don’t think about other types of medical assistance and psychological help when they have a problem – they simply use Western style medicine. But there is another entire world of medicine that millions of people use and this includes all sorts of Chinese medicines. Many people with a western outlook will need to throw out some of their preconceived ideas to understand and appreciate how Chinese medicine works. But there are definitely many people who believe in these methods and who can explain how they work. Here is a brief look at a few types of Chinese medicine and the philosophies behind them.

Yin and Yang

In Chinese medicine, there is a very strong concept of yin and yang. This is the idea that there is a pull and a push to everything that happens in life. In terms of the body, this means that the upper part of the body has certain properties and that the lower part have other properties. Yang is the upper body and the back and yin is the lower part of the body. Also yang is attached to heat in diseases and their symptoms while yin is attached to the cold. If you have too much yin or too much yang then your body is out of balance and this is what a professional would help you to regulate. For instance, if you have yin vacuity then these are heat issues that could include sweating during the night, insomnia, a dry mouth and a fast pulse. For yang, or cold symptoms, you might have cold limbs, a white complexion, diarrhea and more. Doctors from China and others who use Chinese medicines would help you by balancing out your yin and yang.


Another technique used with Chinese medicine is called cupping. This is a kind of massage that includes putting glass cups on the body and then lighting a match inside the cup before you put it on the skin. The cup will stick to the skin with suction. There is a way to also create a situation with reverse pressure massage if you use massage oil at the same time. What does this treatment do? Many athletes actually swear by it as do some Hollywood stars. It’s supposed to relieve stress and help with a number of different medical conditions.


Certainly, another type of Chinese medicine is acupuncture. This is one that is much more well known and that people have heard about in the Western world as well. Acupuncture works when a professional uses needles to superficially work with the structure of the body. They have acupuncture points and are able to relieve stress in all sorts of ways and deal with disease. Acupuncture often comes with moxibustion as well. This involves burning mugwort on or near the skin in the place where the acupuncture point is. People use acupuncture for a huge host of reasons. Some people in the west might say that playing pokies online real money games relieves their stress or that eating ice cream helps. People in China might point, instead, to acupuncture as a way to relieve stress. For people with migraine headaches or body problems, they might also swear by this method. Yes, it sounds weird to someone from the west to think of using acupuncture for stress reduction rather than pokies online real money games. But there is a great deal of research that supports acupuncture to help alleviate many ailments and issues.

Many people in the West might also not realize that they can access these types of medicinal benefits as well. There are many places where you can get Chinese medicine done and can use these techniques – whether you are in China or in New York. Some medical insurance companies will even cover the use of Chinese medicine including acupuncture, while in some places you’ll have to pay out of pocket for these treatments. But the important thing to keep in mind and to recognize is that you don’t have to accept all Western style medicine as the only way to go. There is room to learn about other types of medicine and other options if you are having pain of any sorts. And learning about these methods can go a long way towards helping you to find answers to health problems and mental health issues that you might not have otherwise considered.

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