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China’s Contribution To Modern Gambling

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

The Chinese civilization is responsible for a lot of cultural norms accepted worldwide.

This is because of the great advancement in technology by ancient Chinese dynasties.

There is no doubt that China is one of the earliest places where gambling activities took place. With a documented history of gambling that goes back beyond 3,000 the only place that can rival China as the birthplace of gambling is ancient Egypt. However, only a few tablets and dice found in archaeological excavations in the land of the Pharaohs suggest the presence of such games.

Paper, the Root Cause

If gambling were to have a mother it would be paper. There are very limited forms of gambling that can take place without paper coming into the picture. Since the ancient Chinese are credited with the development of paper and the perfection of writing, it is only natural that they be the first to use these skills to play online pokies at acepokies for example.

To play real money games there is just the need for a portable means of wagering which was provided by the “new” paper money. The paper also provided the game makers with new medium with which to advance casino games. This is almost in the same way that the internet has taken real money gambling to a new level.

The First Cheats

Cheating on games of chance is not a new thing. It is nearly as old as the casino games themselves. Gamblers will always look for ways to beat the house even if they are illegal. This is the common characteristic among gamblers from all over the world. The universal reason why gambling has been banned in so many states including China is that the games cause anti-social behaviour. Or is it anti-social individuals take the opportunity presented by the games to indulge in bad behaviour?

Casino Games To The World

Chinese online casino games are now popular in casinos all over the world. Internet-based gambling sites provide the top gambling games from China. Some of the more popular games of Chinese origin include Sic Bo and Keno.

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