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American students in China – tips from a former US student

Last Updated on 2022/11/11

It’s a big decision moving to China from the US to study Mandarin at a Mandarin language school.

There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered before applying to your preferred course, that’s why we’ve reached out to a previous American student named Fred.

Fred is from New Jersey and studied at Keats in 2016 for three weeks. Then in 2017, he studied at Keats for another 3 weeks.

Here’s what an American student learned while studying Mandarin at Keats School in China.

Experience at Keats


Before applying to Keats in 2016, Fred had traveled to China many times before and was interested in the culture and country. He knew enough Chinese to be able to get around but wanted to dive deeper into the language. He knew it was time to study the language.

As many American students wanting to study in China, Fred took to the internet to learn more about formal classes offered in China. While browsing, he saw an advertisement for “Mandarin Day” and found himself on the Keats School website. Fred was impressed with the information provided by Keats and liked the one-on-one Mandarin instruction and the room and board features offered at Keats.

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He signed up for three weeks of intensive-one-on-one Mandarin where he was in the classroom for four hours a day.

In 2017, he decided to return to Keats School like 40% of our students do. This year Fred took two weeks of intensive one-on-one Mandarin lessons for four hours a day and then one week of Study + Tour China lessons.

“My experience at Keats was extremely positive. I was picked up at the airport and shown to my dorm room. The teacher assigned to me was very competent and dedicated. She was able to tailor the lessons to my level and needs. I think Keats is more than just a “school.” To me it’s an international community where you can meet and make friends with people of all ages and from all countries and cultures bound by a common interest in Chinese culture and language,” shares Fred about his experience abroad.

Why pick Kunming & Keats?


There are many different ways to learn Mandarin. In our last blog post, we talked about how the best way to learn Mandarin is by moving to China from the US (or your home country), living in a Chinese city and attending a Mandarin language school.

Fred picked Kunming as his city to learn Mandarin in because of the research he found on Keats School.

“Keats and Kunming are very comfortable places to live and study. I chose Keats because of the flexibility of classes and the convenience and price of the accommodations.” – Fred

What did you like about the classes?


As a potential student of Keats, you’re probably wanting the down low on how good the classes are. You know that in the intensive one-on-one, our most popular course, you can study for four hours a day or six hours a day.

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But, what do American students in China really think of our classes?

We asked Fred about what he would change about the Keats learning experience if he would ever return for the third time. “I think that since the classes are tailored to the student’s individual needs, there is little reason for a systematic change.”

Tips for future American students in China


One of the best things about interviewing Fred about his experience at Keats is that he can give future American students hoping to study in China tips.

So, here are Fred’s tips:

1. Read the student handbook

2. Make sure your visa is in order

3. Have enough funds to cover additional travel and shopping

4. Know that many of the Chinese banks (Bank of China) will accept foreign ATM cards with a small additional fee

5. Explore the local area restaurants and shops in Kunming on the weekends

Apply to Keats School


If you’re an American student who wants to study in China, Keats School is for you. We have a start any time schedule and our teachers will help you reach your Mandarin language goals.

In addition to everything Fred has said in this article, he also mentioned to us that the cost of living in China is less than in America. We have a free downloadable graph that explains the cost comparison when moving to China from the US. You can download that, here.

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