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The Tree-entwined Pagoda and the Pagoda-entwined Tree

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

It is common to see a vine-entwined tree, but rare to see a tree-entwined Pagoda which amazingly appears in Mangshi, Dehong Prefecture.

The odd view is due to the dusty crack in the brick pagoda. A banyan seed brought in the crack by a bird or the wind has gradually rooted and thus become the Pagoda-entwined Tree. With the growth of the tree, the pagoda kept unchanged and became entwined by the tree.

The tree and the pagoda have finally become a united body.

Map of The Tree-entwined Pagoda 树包塔塔包树

Images of the Tree-entwined Pagoda, Yunnan, China

Tree-entwined Pagoda-yunnan-china
Tree-entwined Pagoda-yunnan-china
Tree-entwined Pagoda-yunnan-china

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