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Sex doll sharing app launches in China

In the sharing economy of China, anything is rentable. A newly-launched app in China is offering shared sex dolls.

Xiamen-based app developer Touch announced Wednesday that it has started a limited trial run in Beijing that allows users to choose a plastic partner for home delivery.

Rentals cover 24-hours at 298 yuan or up to a week for 1,298 yuan and include an 8,000 yuan deposit.

The app tries to address any health concerns by explaining its hygiene policy.

“The dolls’ lower parts are changed for every customer,” reads the app.

“Please remove the lower parts before returning. After the lower parts are cleaned, the doll can be used repeatedly.” There are five models to choose from, including a “Greek bikini model,” “US Wonder Woman,” “Korean housewife,” “Russian teenager” and “Hong Kong car race cheerleader.” Users can choose hair and eye color, as well as their outfits, such as a nurse or teacher costume.

The company admits it has a certain Beijing demographic in mind.

“It can address all the needs of single geeks. Tap and it will be delivered to your door, and the single life is over for good,” read a post on the company’s official Sina Weibo account.

The post included photos of one of the company’s sex dolls getting a lot of attention while seated on a Beijing subway.

Source: Global Times

Last Updated on 2022/02/01

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