Beihai Wetland, Baoshan Prefecture, Yunnan


The Beihai Wetland (北海湿地) located 12.5 km northwest of Tengchong County is one of the first 33 nationally preserved wetlands and the only national wetland in the province.

The preservation covers 16.29 km2, and the area of Beihai Lake is 0.46 square km2. The Beihai Wetland is surrounded by hills and it belongs to the ecological system of Plateau volcanic barrier lake. Most of the grass is floating, looking like a huge colorful carpet. The life-form of the Wetland is various, complex and full of vitality. Entering the Wetland preservation, you will experience the splendour and magics of nature.

Beihai Wetland map

Beihai Wetland images

Beihai-wetland-baoshan Beihai-wetland-baoshan Beihai-wetland-baoshan

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