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Space to create in Chinese Science Fiction

This study of Chinese science fiction will be of interest to students, SF fans, and even to those with a mere passing fancy of science fiction in the Middle Kingdom.

The book is split into three main parts; firstly the development of Anglo-American and Chinese SF are compared – mainly for those who are new to the “genre”. Next, the “”unspoken”” limiting guidelines for authors that no one can / will universally agree on are discussed. Also, historical case studies demonstrate why freedom to create is absolutely vital to the progressive developments of companies and even countries which also rings true for China’s role in the 21st century. Finally, a sampling of 12 short stories by three major authors over the last forty years are examined for content that agrees with statements made about SF in China by experts in SF studies as well as authors themselves. All this helps even a novice in the subject to gain important insights into what it means to be an SF author in China.

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