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The Dharma Cave, Yunnan Travel Guide

Last Updated on 2020/11/02

Dharma Cave or Damo Patriarch Cave (达摩祖师洞) is located on the Elephant Trunk Mountain in Qizong Village of Weixi County, Deqen Prefecture.

The temple of Dharma Cave

It is said that Dharma had visited here and understood the doctrines to be Buddha after facing the wall and study for 10 years in the cave. The cave then got its name. The temple was built with wood against the cliff and shaped according to the cave, forming a unique view of a stone cave being a monk dormitory.

April 1st of the lunar calendar is said to be the day when Dharma became Buddha, the pilgrims come to chant scriptures around the mountain on the day. A grand scene is seen.

Damo Patriarch Cave Map

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