Lifestyle and Entertainment in Yangzhou

Over the years particular regional forms of art and entertainment have arisen here, some surviving into the present time.

Lifestyle and Entertainment in Yangzhou

Yangzhou, once the central place of literati and urban culture, is still one of the most important centres of traditional culture in China today.

edited by Lucie Olivová & Vibeke Børdahl

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This beautifully illustrated volume celebrates Yangzhou’s rich cultural tradition through a well-balanced spectrum of topics spanning the period from the late 17th century to modern times. These are grouped into four thematic parts: Yangzhou’s cultural heritage during historic downfalls and revivals; regional literature and book production; local theatre and storytelling; and various artists of the 18th-century Yangzhou School of Painting. Within each thematic part, descriptions and evaluations of cultural phenomena are supplemented with reflections on lifestyle and customs, weaving a virtual dialogue that binds the topical diversity of the collection tightly together.

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