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Chinese Landscapes: A Charity Bazaar Of Yu Jianrong’s Works

Black, gray, and white, the color of the drawing of Yu jianrong is the cry, though the smile is always on his face.

It’s his style and also his feeling and thinking about China.

Add: 66 Xiaopunanjie, Songzhuang Tongzhou District, Beijing
Date: April 18, 2017 – May 18, 2017
Gallery:Soemo Fine Arts

YU jianrong, the famous sociologist in China, has a miserable childhood because he lost his legal identity from 1968 to 1976 as he was 6 to 14 years old. For his whole life, he wants to figure out why people can be illegal to stay in his own country. Yu jianrong spends time with farmers, workers, and petitioners to listen to them and give them advice. The secrets of the stories are in his paintings.

He always gives hope to the people but the suffering and pain he can only give to himself and to his drawings. The pressure in the black hill and the joy in the white water, the struggle in the gray sky and the hope in the white moon are all the passion in his heart.

However, one day one of his friends transferred a message from the leader to him that his black drawings are the shame of the country. He laughed and told the friend he can draw white pictures too. So, here they are, white drawings. White snow is cold and wild and there is a swordsman with a sword in his hand in the wind. Who is him?

Yu Jianrong

1962 Born in Hengyang, Hunan Province, China
Doctor, Professor
Black White, Solo Oil Works Exhibition, the People’s Art Museum, Beijing, China
Black White Landscapes, Solo Painting Exhibition, Xiwang Art Museum, Beijing, China
Won the Title of Responsible leader by South Weekend
Won the Title of Creative Character by Wall Street Journal
Won the Title of One of The World 100 Thinkers by Foreign Policy
Won the Title of Time Walker by Tencent
Won the Title of Chinese Gentleman by TIMES FIGURE
Won the Title of Micro Public Figure by Loreal Fashion Media Awards
Won the Title of Contribution Figures of China Urbanization of China International Urbanization Development Strategy Research Committee
Won the Title of Mr. Fashion by Fashion
Won the Public Action Award by Nanfang Metropolis Daily
Won the Citizen Writer Award by South Weekend
Won the Title of New Characters of 2010 Chinese Pride New List by New Weekly
Won the Awards of Blog Power of Pushing China by Blog World
Won the Title of 2010 Attractive Chinese Characters by Southern People Weekly
Won the Prize of 2010 Affecting China by China News Weekly
Won the 10-year Fashion Scholar by Xiaoxiang Morning News
Won the Title of 30-year 30 Characters of China’s Reform And Opening Up by China Reform Research Association
Won the Title of Attractive Chinese Characters by Southern People Weekly
Won the Monograph Prize of “Agriculture, Countryside, Farmer” Research by China News Weekly
Won the Title of Special Tributes by South Weekend
Won the Title of 10-year Figures of For Public Interest by Southern Window

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