Photographic style – Help me! A stalker copied my shots!


Photographic style – For sure at least once and maybe many more times you found on brochures or you saw on a billboard a stock photo Ariane‘s smiling face, Canadian-Chinese model, introducing products or services.

Her face is more popular than her identity. Even if right now people are not directly writing and talking about her on the internet, she is unconsciously viral after an Australian Instagram photographer “complained” to be “followed” around the world by another user, “The stalker”, that copies set and outfit of her photos. Fatally, it happens that one of the photos, which are seen these days on networks, that the photographer wrote is a “copycat”, a “clone” of her original shot, is “inspired” to one of the stock photos portraying the Canadian-Chinese model in Santorini from a set of stock photographer Maridav: landscape, angle, poses and even the clothes are almost identical.

Photographic style

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