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Chinese Wall Fans: Bamboo Moon

Last Updated on 2022/11/12

Bamboo Moon Wall Fan

This stunning Chinese wall fan features a golden bamboo stalk illuminated by a full moon.

The background of the fan is solid black, accentuating the spectacular color of the bamboo and the moon. Simple yet beautiful, this wall fan is one of our more popular works. The Chinese have a way of assigning deeper meaning to various things. In this fan, the bamboo represents longevity and the will to endure. Due to its combination of strength and flexibility, it is one of the most resilient plants in nature. Bamboo survives all types of harsh conditions, such as freezing temperatures and hot, humid weather. It can also endure droughts and strong winds. And it does so staying green all year round. Perhaps that is why the Chinese have included bamboo in many of their architectural structures and art.


The slats of this wall fan are actually made from bamboo. Strong and sturdy, they will last for decades. The material attached to the slats is rayon and acrylic paint is used to design the motif of the fan. Bamboo is also considered, by the Chinese, to be one of the four noble ones, along with the orchid, plum blossom, and chrysanthemum. Additionally, bamboo is also part of what the Chinese call? Three Friends in Winter? The other two friends are the pine tree and the plum blossom. This is because all three plants can endure the harshest of winters. The color gold holds high regard in Chinese culture. It is viewed in the yellow family and corresponds with the earth and imperial China. Yellow and/or gold was often used to decorate temples, palaces, and the clothes of emperors. The combination of gold and bamboo is seen as lucky and auspicious in Chinese culture. This hand-painted fan will look awesome over your bed or in your living room. Bring home a piece of the Orient today with this artistic display of Chinese decor.

Dimensions24″ height x 40″ width
35″ height x 60″ width
MaterialHandpainted rayon canvas on bamboo frame

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