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2010 Menghai Dayi V93 Ripe Tuocha 100g

Last Updated on 2021/10/19

Menghai Dayi Ripe Tuocha

The leaf base of this tuocha is almost fully fermented.

The almost fully characteristic allows this tea to age and mellow to its full taste and flavor. But this tuocha is ready to drink now and does not have a musty taste. The Dayi Menghai factory is well known to produce some of the finest and most sought-after teas. All the labels and holograms are in place as this case we acquired comes the true source. Enjoy this tea now and in the future. V93 Edition vintage 2010. 100 grams of tea per tuocha will make 2o or more excellent servings, each serving can be steeped 3-7 times.


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