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Na Dow, a punk who grew up lying, stealing and fooling around, decides to straighten out and takes his first steady job as a courier.

Directed by Chung Mong-Hong
Origin: Taiwan
Time: 111 minutes
World Premiere 2016
Language: Mandarin, Thai, Taiwanese, Cantonese

Presented at Toronto Film Festival 2016

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The job is  simple: hail a cab at sunrise, deliver a package to a close friend of Na’s  boss, and return on the same cab by sunset. It turns out that he would be delivering heroin of top – notch quality.

Na Dow hesitantly gets on a shabby taxi driven by the carefree Hui, a Hong  Kong  native  who  came  to  Taiwan  25  years  ago  and  somehow decided to stay. Na Dow’s plan to reform himself and Hui’s wish for a peaceful life take a downturn when they become the target of a mob attack. The drugs and the money are gone, and both of them are held hostage in the trunk of a car.

Director’s Statement

People say “Godspeed” to bid farewell, as blessing and hope. A journey is not always smooth sailing, and fate may change in a split second. This film serves to remind us to look back at what we miss and pick up, even just a fraction, what we feel as human beings.


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