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Chinese factory churns out Clinton, Trump masks

There’s no masking this Chinese factory’s enthusiasm for American politics, as Julie Noce reports. (Reuters) – It’s Donald Trump’s face by the hundreds. Plastic, and spray painted an orangish-brown hue, masks of the presumptive Republican candidate are being pumped out in a factory in China. Despite Trump’s disparaging comments about China on the campaign trail, the manager of this craft business is betting on a Trump victory in November. “To be honest, I prefer Trump”, he said. “We think when American’s cast their vote they’ll probably vote for him, and we don’t want to miss out on peak sales.” And Democrats, don’t despair. The factory also makes Hillary masks … complete with fine crow’s feet wrinkles around her eyes.
With more than 5000 different kinds of masks, customers are spoilt for choice. Unlike American citizens who will likely have one of just two candidates to choose from election time.

Last Updated on 2016/05/26

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