UDINE – The gaze focused on the present and the future of Asian film, through 60 titles that draw on the best productions in recent months, and a tribute to the world ambassador of Korean culture: the great Kim Dong-ho! This is the fifteenth – much awaited – edition of the Far East Film Festival. Here is the window that will open up, from April 19 to 27, on the Far East...

After Career Awards to the master of laughter Michael Hui and a legendary director such as Johnnie To, icons as popular as authoritative, the Udine Film Festival has decided to award with the 2013 Golden Mulberry the greatest artistic ambassador of South Korea. A symbol of gratitude and respect with which Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche (C.E.C), the organizer of FEFF, will celebrate the tireless and invaluable propulsive action of Kim Dong-ho.

Director, actor, historical director of the Busan Film Festival (which he founded in 1996, and turned it into the peak of the festivals of the Far East), Kim has in fact spread throughout the world the creative word of his land when it was largely unknown to western eyes.

This constant action, not surprisingly, coincided with the remarkable renaissance of Korean cinema, from the late 80’s to the 90’s, then culminating in the consecration of true excellences as the three acclaimed  directors Park Chan-hook, Kim Jee-woon and Bong Joon-ho.

Five years ago – we recall – it was just Kim Dong-ho, alert and farsighted, to reward FEFF with the Korean Film Award at the Busan Film Festival (whereof he was and currently is the director): a huge fan figure of friendship that already tied the two events at the time, and that now binds them more firmly.

Even in 2013, besides, the Far East Film reconfirms what it has always wanted to be, a feast of Film, and what audience, journalists, professionals have quickly transformed it: a genuine International cult!

A unique and strategic vantage point on trends, styles, and the Far East market, created to brave gamble in 1998 (counting the number zero of the Hong Kong Film Festival) has become one of the biggest West strongholds.

Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan: between International and European premieres, between powerful blockbusters and precious outsiders, the map is complete. And to enter the Teatro Nuovo “Giovanni da Udine” (with its 1,200 always full seats) will be like, once again, attending a meeting in Tokyo, Manila and Seoul!

Waiting to applaud the delivery of the Golden Mulberry (made by the factory Idea Prototipi of Friuli) and the opening of the curtain, we have to start the countdown and remember that the forms for accreditation are already active on the official website of the festival (www.fareastfilm.com).

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