Traditional Chinese Architecture

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85 images of the Ancient Earthen Castles in Tulou, Fujian

A journey through time: the historical significance of Fujian Tulou’s earthen houses The earthen ‘castles of Fujian Tulou are a remarkable example of unique architecture … Read more

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The Twin Dragon Bridge of Jianshui County

5 kilometers from the west of Jianshui county town, Yunnan province, the Twin Dragon Bridge was constructed at the juncture of the Lushui and Tachong … Read more

trip to yuantong temple
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The Yuantong Temple: A Unique Blend of Buddhism and Chinese Culture

Discovering the Earliest Avalokitesvara Temple in Kunming. The Temple, known in Chinese as 圆通寺, is located in the downtown of Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. The … Read more

Daming Palace
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14 Beautiful Images of Daming Palace, the Palace of Great Brilliance

The Palace of Great Brilliance, the Daming Palace, in Xi’an, Shaanxi, served as the royal residence of the Tang emperors for more than two centuries. … Read more

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