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27 images of the Bizarre Kingdom of the Little People

Dominique Musorrafiti portrayed the actors and their set with a series of analog cameras and rare films, creating a kaleidoscopic photo gallery.

By now everyone knows the bizarre theme park called Kingdom of Little People located in the mountains not far from Kunming, in southern China.

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Images of the Kingdom of the little people in China

Camera: Mamiya rz67 pro II
Lens: 50mm Sekor lens with 6×7
Film: Kodak E100G

Camera: Lubitel 166+
Film: Fuji Velvia Xpro

Camera: Spinner 360
Film: Ferrania Solaris 800

Camera: Mamiya rz67 pro II
Film: EIR Aerochrome Color Infrared overexposed

Camera: Lubitel 166+
Film: EIR Aerochrome Color Infrared

Camera: Horizon Kompakt
Film: Expired Lucky Charm 200

Camera: Horizon Kompakt
Film: Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 (35mm)