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Interview with Hao Wu, director of ‘People’s Republic of Desire’ and ‘All in my family’

Hao Wu (吴皓, Wu Hao, born 1972) is a Chinese-American film director, producer and writer, director of People’s Republic of Desire, about China’s live-streaming phenomenon … Read more

Weibo streaming services banned
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China’s TV and film watchdog shutting down video Sina Weibo streaming services

Sina Weibo, the popular Twitter-like social platform, the news portal and ACFUN, a major online video site with a real-time commenting system, and other … Read more

Chinese internet celebrity
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China live streaming: Would-be internet stars boost billion-dollar market

BEIJING (Reuters) – Jing Qi, a part-time presenter on the live streaming platform Huajiao, underwent cosmetic surgery in March to improve her chances of becoming … Read more