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The story of the field in front of my house

This is the story of a field in front of my house in Kunming, China. I lived there for almost seven years, in a beautiful … Read more

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Traditional Bai Spring Festival in Yunnan

Every year Bai people in Heqing celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

“Baizu are one of the ethnic minorities in China. Although most Bai people adhere to Buddhism, they also have their native religion of Benzhuism: the worship of ngel zex (Chinese: 本主 ben zhu), local gods and ancestors. Ngel zex could be any heroes in history, the Prince of the Nanzhao regime, a hero of folklore or even a tiger (for instance, Laojun Jingdi 老君景帝 is a tiger actually). There are also minorities practicing Taoism and Christianity.” [Wikipedia]

Video by: Matteo Damiani

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Getting home: unforgettable moments of train trips over the Chinese New Year – from 1990 to 2010

Train trips in China – Every year, hundreds of millions of migrant workers go back to their hometowns to celebrate the Chinese New Year Festival.

Trains are packed to capacity and trip conditions are scarcely bearable. Sometimes the travel to home can last two days. China expects 3.6 Bln Trips Over Lunar New Year.

Images of train trips in China during the Chinese New Year


1991, Shanghai-Chongqing.

1995. Wuhan-Changsha

1992. Heilongjiang

1996. Guangzhou-Chengdu

1996. Qiqihar-Beijing





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The demolition of the largest slum in Sanya, the desolation of the people

In Sanya, began the demolition of Phoenix Village (Fenghuang Town), a large slum on the outskirts of Sanya, in the tropical island of Hainan, leaving … Read more