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Myths and Legends of China
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Myths and Legends of China

This highly readable and well-illustrated compilation includes fascinating Chinese myths about gods, stars, water, fire, plus tales about the goddess of mercy, the guardian of the gate of heaven, and many other legends.

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Mooncakes and Hungry Ghosts

An outstanding introduction to the variety of popular Chinese festivals, including Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat, Mid-Autumn, Qingming, and many more.

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traditional chinese opera
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20+ fascinating images of Traditional Chinese Opera: The life of the last Chinese Folk Troupe

Traditional Chinese Opera – Today, most of the remaining grassroots folk performers live a simple life. They built their rudimentary stages and they tour throughout … Read more

Chinese Folklore
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Demons, Monsters and Ghosts of the Chinese Folklore

The five- thousand-year Chinese culture, over the centuries has produced hundreds of legends about monsters, ghosts, demons and spirits. Many of these demons and ghosts influenced Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore folklore. Let’s see below some of the main demons of Chinese mythology.

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Chinese Black Magic

The ancient practice of magic in China: venom-based poison.

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