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Cao Fei, MatryoshkaVerse, 2022
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Cao Fei’s Duotopia: Exploring the Porous Limits Between Physical and Virtual Worlds

Sprüth Magers Presents Duotopia: Cao Fei’s Exploration of the Metaverse and Beyond. Cao Fei is a Chinese artist whose work has been at the forefront … Read more

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Interview with Makeup Artist Mimi Choi

Mimi Choi is a professional makeup artist with a unique creative style Mimi was born in Macau and immigrated to Canada with her parents in … Read more

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Embers: Meng Du glassmaker creates unique pieces of art from personal memories and nostalgia

Featured image: Meng Du, How are you, 2019. glass, copper foil. 7.5 x 0.2 x 6.9 inch. Photograph by Peichao Lin ©Meng Du, courtesy Fou … Read more

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Transexperiences – A conversation between Chen Zhen and Zhu Xian

Zhu Xian: How time flies! Ten years passed in a flash. I remember asking you at the end of 1986 when you were about to … Read more

Li Hongbo flexible sculptures will blown your mind
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Li Hongbo flexible sculptures will blown your mind

Classical sculptures revisited by Li Hongbo, a Beijing artist who uses mixed styles to bring to life these magical moving statues.

Sculptures are made of thousands of layers of paper and glue. via io9

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flexible sculptures
Lady Gaga - Vegetable Art
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Vegetable Art – Lady Gaga is a cabbage: the work of Duoqi Ju

Vegetable Art: Duoqi Ju, a young Chinese artist, born in 1973 in Chongqing, graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and became famous with her … Read more