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The Chinese Experimental Ink and Wash Seen from the Angle of the History of Art and the History of Ideology

The academic contention about the problem of ink and wash which has gone on for almost a century and the unceasing innovation of ink and … Read more

Charting the Roamer’s Space---conceptual painting
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Charting the Roamer’s Space

At the beginning of the century, setting out from different levels, fields, and points of departure, several young artists moved towards a common space for … Read more

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The Eighteen layers of Chinese Hell

Diyu, 地獄, the Traditional Chinese Hell, based on the Buddhism concept of Naraka, is an underground maze with various levels and chambers, where souls are … Read more

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“Black and White” and the Disappearance of the Modern Character

“Experimental ink and wash” has already a fairly long history. Professor at Beijing University, Tutor of Doctor’s Degree Candidates, Art Critic As a new cultural … Read more

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Opening and Extending: The Significance of Experimental Ink and Wash in Art History

The discussion about experimental ink and wash since the 1990s has centered on the problem of whether experimental ink and wash can get into the … Read more

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