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Planet China 15
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Planet China Vol. 15

Celebrating women who push boundaries V: International Women’s Day 2023 Interviews with Xiang Jing, Li Xinmo, Allison Fong, Red Hongyi, Peggy Chan, Nancy Lin, Denise … Read more

Michael Berry interview
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Inside Han Song’s Visionary World of ‘Hospital’: A Talk with Translator Michael Berry

Exploring the Dystopian World of the first volume of Han Song’s Hospital Trilogy: An Interview with Michael Berry Michael Berry, translator of Han Song’s science-fiction … Read more

Exploring the Enduring Spirit of Old Lhasa
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Exploring the Enduring Spirit of Old Lhasa: Interview with M.A. Aldrich

Discovering the Heart of Tibetan Civilization: M.A. Aldrich on the Iconic Palaces, Temples, and Monasteries of Lhasa In the book “Old Lhasa: A Biography,” M.A. … Read more

Village near YuanYang
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Journey Back in Time: Images of Yuanyang from Over Two Decades Ago

Discovering Yuanyang’s Rich History: A Look at the County’s Fascinating Recent Past Through Rare Photographs Yuanyang Rice Terraces: The Hani and Yi people are the … Read more

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Watch The Best Old Chinese Movies on YouTube, 1927-1949, Part 1

Rediscovering Classic Chinese Cinema: A Guide to Viewing the Best Old Chinese Movies on YouTube Read the article following this link: Watch The Best Old … Read more

Hokusai Daji
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Supernatural Tales of Ji Yun: Chinese Ghosts Stories

Spirits, Ghosts & Foxes in the stories of Ji Yun Ji Yun (紀昀, 1724-1805), also known as Ji Xiaolan, a senior official of the Qing Dynasty and … Read more