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China experts roundups are a series of weekly roundups focused on Chinese culture, economy, lifestyle, design, architecture, contemporary arts, cinema, technology, Chinese history, Chinese language, etc.
China experts – We’ll ask a question to collect insights from a group of experts and we’ll publish the roundup on China-underground.

Human trafficking in China
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Interview with Ben Randall, author of Sisters for sale

Human trafficking in China Ben Randall, an Australian filmmaker uncovers a local human trafficking crisis: Vietnamese women are kidnapped and sold across the border and … Read more

RongRong & inri, Interview
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RongRong & inri, Interview

The Art of RongRong & Inri RongRong & Inri, the influential photographic husband and wife team who have shaped contemporary photography in China and beyond, … Read more

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Interview: Xiao Rong, Brain Failure Frontman

Brain Failure is a legendary punk band based in Beijing. They played punk music since the late 90s. Their singer, Xiao Rong, is the son … Read more

toy design
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Interview: Raymond Choy, founder of Toy2R

Hong Kong Toy Design Raymond Choy is the founder and President of Toy2R. He spent 10 years working for a US footwear company. From this … Read more

Duo Duo poet
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Exclusive interview with Chinese poet Duo Duo (多多, 1951 – ), a prominent exponent of the Chinese Misty Poets (朦胧诗). HAIKOU, 2004/10/11By Fabio Grasselli “Writing … Read more

A conversation with Jia Zhangke
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A Conversation with Jia Zhangke

In 2001 in Beijing we interviewed a young Jia Zhangke.

In late 90s and early 00s most of the sixth generation of Chinese directors movies were forbidden in China. He is generally regarded as a leading figure of the “Sixth Generation” movement of Chinese cinema.

Read more

Beijing UFO Research Organization---ufo in China
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Beijing UFO Research Organization: Interview with Zhou Xiaoqiang

China has its official UFO Research Organization investigating UFO activities in the country. In 2009 we interviewed Zhou Xiaoqiang, Secretary of Beijing UFO Research Organization. … Read more

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