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What Not to Do When Dating a Chinese Woman?

For Western men, dating Chinese brides might be a strange, awkward experience. Truth be told, women from this eastern country live and love under a completely different set of rules than what we’re accustomed to. Nevertheless, despite some unusual habits, marrying Oriental wives is more than worth it, given everything they add to a relationship.

We always recommend our readers learn more about Chinese dating culture before embarking on a journey with these girls. BridesUniverse, a popular Asian dating blog, emphasizes that Chinese brides are extremely matriarchal, so you’ll have a completely different rapport compared to that with Western girls.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll share some tricks for finding a perfect mail-order bride and starting a fruitful relationship with her.

Things to Avoid When Dating Chinese Brides

Nowadays, many guys meet Chinese brides through specialized online websites. Of course, it’s even better meeting these beauties in person, while visiting the country.

Due to numerous differences between Chinese and big Western cultures, it’s easy to say or do something stupid that will completely ruin your chances with a lady. Honestly, Westerners make a bunch of mistakes during these interactions, some of which are mild, while others are deal-breakers. That being said, these are the main things you should pay attention to.

  • Unexpectedly Feisty

Many oriental women are calm and submissive, willing to do everything in their power to serve their husbands. Due to the fact that Chinese are also quiet, Western guys falsely presume they’re submissive. This can’t be farther from the truth.

Chinese women are extremely dominant and authoritative. They make all the decisions around the house, including the financial ones. Their calm demeanor is mainly a reflection of their nature and unwillingness to argue. But rest assured they will fight back if provoked.

  • Focus on Character

Like all other girls, Chinese women like to receive compliments revolving around their looks. Still, you shouldn’t exaggerate; most girls would much prefer to get praised for their character and intellect. As Chinese society prioritizes resourcefulness, this kind of compliment would travel much farther.

  • One-Sided Treats

China is one of the most matriarchal societies in the world. Girls generally won’t marry guys who don’t have a permanent home, and once they tie the knot, they expect to have full control over finances even if they don’t earn. It’s a woman’s job to take control of the house, while guys are more seen as workhorses.

While this might not necessarily be the case when she dates a foreigner, Chinese mail-order brides still expect that a guy will provide for everything. Nevertheless, allow her to treat you to an ice-cream or coffee every once in a while, as it will allow her to keep her pride.

  • Chinese Culture

China is one of the oldest civilizations and is still considered among the most influential cultures. They have invented all sorts of things that are, in one way or another, still used by the human race.

All of this makes Chinese citizens very proud of their current and past achievements. Ladies simply love men who share that passion for Chinese culture so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do some research before starting to date one of these vixens. Still, don’t bother with the language; it’s simply too hard.

  • Family Allegiance

Family is vital for everyone in this country. Chinese people have the utmost respect for their elders and shower their parents with love and affection.

While young generations don’t have as much time for old traditions, they have the same appreciation and respect for the cult of family. During your first trip to China, make sure to meet her parents. If you’re living there, make sure to visit them during the first few months of dating. Also, bring gifts while going to their house!

  • Use “Guidelines”

Unlike ladies in the US, Canada, and Europe, Chinese women are much more focused when dating. These ladies know what they want from you from day one and they’re not afraid to vocalize it. In fact, they prefer guys who are transparent about their expectations and ambitions for the couple.

That being said, we suggest you provide her with a list of guidelines, of sort. Chinese women rarely “wing it” during relationships and would much rather be a full-fledged partner in your mutual endeavor. Planning a joint future will be very exhilarating for her and will make you much more attractive in her eyes.  

  • Shun Other Females

Chinese brides aren’t necessarily jealous, but they’re very territorial. Once you decide to commit to each other, she will no longer tolerate any nonsense on your behalf. In other words, you’ll have to stop communicating with all the girls you’ve previously been messaging.

Speaking of that, Chinese women also don’t want to know anything about your exes. Ideally, you should pretend that you don’t have any past and, if possible, don’t discuss hers. This is especially true if you’re still bitter and tend to badmouth your past girl.

  • Love for Gambling

One of the things that characterize ladies from this country is their love for gambling. This is a year-old tradition that young generations still can’t shake off. So, if you want to hook up or marry one of these girls, there’s a chance she’ll want to hit the casinos every once in a while.

  • Mesmerize Her Friends

You should never ignore her friends or avoid meeting them. Besides family connections, social interactions and contacts are vital in Chinese society. Mail-order brides from this country are generally social butterflies, and they will appreciate it if you’re the type of guy who can adjust to these situations.


Chinese brides are completely different from women you’d meet in the States. These women want to plan things ahead and are very family-oriented. Once they find a life partner, they stick to him through thick and thin while also providing great support for kids. Hopefully, the tips we’ve shared in this article will help you achieve success with these Oriental ladies.

Last Updated on 2024/03/18

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