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The Good War of Consul Reeves by Peter Rose

The Good War of Consul Reeves: An Account of War-Time Neutrality in Macao

The Good War of Consul Reeves is a historical book by Peter Rose that chronicles the life and actions of John Reeves, the British consul in Macao, during the early 1940s, just before and during the Pacific War. This period marks a critical time in world history, with the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor and Hong Kong signaling the start of hostilities in the Pacific theater. However, Macao, a small Portuguese colony in southern China, remained untouched by the war due to Portugal’s neutral status.

The narrative details how Macao became a haven in a region overshadowed by war, akin to the neutral cities featured in wartime narratives and films. John Reeves, amidst personal and professional turmoil, finds himself in a unique position as the senior representative of the Allies in Macao. His work involved running spy rings, gathering intelligence, aiding in the escape of refugees, and dealing with threats to his own life, thus playing a crucial role in the Allied efforts during the war.

The book is currently available in Hong Kong and Macau and can be pre-ordered in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It offers a unique glimpse into the complexities of wartime diplomacy, espionage, and the personal challenges faced by those who lived through the era.

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