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Asian Hall of Fame Unveils 2024 Nominees

The 2024 Asian Hall of Fame Recognizes Global Contributions

The Asian Hall of Fame recently disclosed its list of nominees for the year 2024, during an exclusive event, the Salute to Service, which pays homage to Asian American veterans. This significant announcement was made in Los Angeles, California, on March 6, 2024, and gathered a notable audience comprising media representatives, dignitaries, and supporters. The eagerly awaited final selection for the Class of 2024 will be revealed at the Celebrate Asia Festival, scheduled for May 1 at the prestigious Biltmore Los Angeles.

The event showcased a distinguished lineup of presenters, including Andy Henry from Disney Studios, serving as the Board of Governors President, John Nicholas from Pinnacle as CFO, and notable figures such as Jamie Louie, Juri Watanabe, Keith Hamasaki, and Patty Soldo. The nominees were introduced during the Salute to Service, a ceremony dedicated to inter-racial solidarity and recognition of Asian American veterans. Kathryn Barger from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors honored the families of Congressional Gold Medal veterans with commendations. Additionally, Valorie Wiggins from Disney awarded a Fellowship Prize to Arascena Fong, celebrating her grandfather’s veteran legacy. A special tribute to Johnny Cash by inductee Hiro Yamamoto further highlighted the evening’s proceedings.

Among the guests were esteemed individuals and representatives from various sectors, including the Consulate-General of Hungary, Millennium & Copthorne, and Biltmore Los Angeles, alongside figures such as Director Yi Zhou, Jerry Kim, Founder Emeritus Karen Wong, and Miss Universe China Jin Ye.

The nominees for the Class of 2024 encompass a broad spectrum of achievements and fields, ranging from Olympic athletes Alex Shibutani and Maia Shibutani to entrepreneurs like Andrew Yang, and artists such as Anne Akiko-Meyers. The list also acknowledges philanthropic efforts by individuals like Bing Xie and Bui Simon, alongside corporate leaders such as Chairman Kwek Leng Beng and Jensen Huang. Creativity and innovation are celebrated with nominations of cultural icons like Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli, and social contributors such as Senator Mazie Hirono and comedian Joe Wong, among others.

Specific attention is given to the Pacific Northwest nominees, highlighting local leaders and artists including Aisha Ibrahim, Bruce Harrell, and Preston Singletary, showcasing the region’s rich cultural and civic engagement.

The announcement also paid tribute to historical figures in the In Memoriam Inductees category, honoring the legacies of cultural icons like Anna May Wong and pioneers in various fields such as Duke Kahanamoku and Seiji Ozawa.

Additionally, the Asian Hall of Fame introduced awards recognizing outstanding achievements in business, innovation, and advocacy. CEO of the Year nominees include influential leaders such as Charles Huang and Jonathan Sposato, while the Asian Innovation Award and Asian Advocacy Prize spotlight creative talents like Lulu Wang and community heroes like Brandon Tsay.


Alex Shibutani and Maia Shibutani, Olympians
Andrew Yang, Entrepreneur
Anne Akiko-Meyers, Violinist
Bing Xie, Philanthropist
BTS, Bang Sik-hyuk & HYBE
Bui Simon, Philanthropist
Chairman Kwek Leng Beng, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels
Chuck Aoki, Paralympian
Dr. Katherine Luzuriaga, Pediatric AIDS
Eva Chun Chow, Art patron
Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli
Jensen Huang, Founder/CEO Nvidia
Joe Wong, Comedian
Ken and Julia Gouw, Philanthropists
Lang Lang, Pianist
Larry Li, Founder/CEO Amino Capital
Leena Nair, CEO Chanel
Lily Gladstone, Native American actress
Raj and Marta Bhathal, Sacramento Kings owner
Richard Lui and Kristen Lui, Media trailblazers
Samir Mayekar, Tech entrepreneur
Senator Mazie Hirono (Hawaii)
Seri Pak, LPGA Pro
Sue Wong, Couture designer
Victor Rachmat Hartono, Djarum Foundation


Aisha Ibrahim, Canlis Executive Chef
Bruce Harrell, Mayor of Seattle
Daniel Nguyen and Katherine Lam, Civic leaders
David Wasielewski, Din Tai Fung Managing Partner
Preston Singletary, Native American artist


Anna May Wong, Cultural Icon
Duke Kahanamoku, Olympian
Seiji Ozawa, Conductor
The Killing Fields – Dith Pran, Photojournalist
The Killing Fields – Dr. Haing S. Ngor, Actor
William Hiroshi Saito, Cinema trailblazer


Charles Huang, Pasaca Capital
Dennis Lin, New Century Group
James Wong, Vibrant Cities
Jonathan Sposato, Entrepreneur
Neha Nakhede, Jun Rao, Confluent
Pierre Crockrell and Jacqueline Yang, Seattle Super Hawks


Lulu Wang, Director
The Hu, Mongolian band


Betti Fujikado for advancing the Asian community in Seattle
Brandon Tsay for stopping the Monterey Park shooter


Lindy Flowers (St. John)
John Paris (Earth, Wind & Fire)
Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam)

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