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Tachiz Group Introduces Crystal Boba: An Innovative Take on Popping Boba

Last Updated on 2024/01/31

Tachiz Group, a Taiwan-based manufacturer predominantly known for its range of popping boba, is preparing to launch a new product, Crystal Boba, in early 2024. This introduction comes at a time when the global market for popping boba and juice balls is witnessing notable growth, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.70% projected from 2022 to 2029. This trend highlights the consumer’s appetite for novel culinary experiences in the realm of food and beverages.

The increasing demand for popping boba and juice balls underscores a broader interest in diverse and innovative food products. In Europe, Tachiz Group has seen a significant uptick in business, reporting a 65% average annual growth. This growth is partly attributed to a 20% increase in order volumes within the region.

Crystal Boba: A New Texture in Popping Boba

The forthcoming Crystal Boba from Tachiz Group represents an advancement in the texture of popping boba. These boba are embedded with crystals, providing a crunch that contrasts with the traditional juiciness of the product. This development aims to offer a different type of eating experience, potentially appealing to consumers seeking variety in texture as well as flavor.

Iris Chang, the General Manager of Tachiz Group, comments on the current consumer trends, noting a preference for distinctive flavors and textures. The Crystal Boba is designed to cater to these evolving tastes, blending the familiar with a new sensory element.

Customization Options for Businesses

In line with its business-to-business (B2B) model, Tachiz Group is offering various customization options for its Crystal Boba. These include:

  • Choice of Flavors: Businesses can select from a range of flavors or request custom flavors to suit specific market demands.
  • Adjustable Skin Thickness: The texture of the boba can be modified, allowing businesses to tailor the product to their preferences.
  • Branded Packaging: Special packaging options are available for companies looking to enhance brand recognition and distinction in the market.

Iris Chang points out the importance of recognizing the uniqueness of each business and market. Tachiz Group’s customization options are meant to provide businesses with the flexibility to create products that align with their specific brand identity and consumer preferences.

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