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Beyond the Textbooks: Exploring Chinese Culture in Campus Activities

Last Updated on 2024/01/26

Unless you have a Chinese student on campus who can assist you with an immersion into Chinese culture, it may be quite difficult to find out where to start. While the books and cultural tips for travelers can help you with the basics, it is essential to look beyond the textbooks. The reason for that is the variety and flexibility of Chinese culture, traditions, and way of life. This is where diverse campus activities can help you make things feel natural, learn, and meet new people as you explore what can be done, and take your cultural discoveries to another level.

  • Setting Up a Chinese Cultural Week.

One of the best ways to explore Chinese culture is to organize a cultural week where you combine all the possible discoveries based on your research. As you take a look beyond the textbook, you can make a presentation. If you find writing or coming up with captions too difficult, sharing your write my essay message with an expert can be helpful and time-saving. Remember that correct planning is one of those Chinese wisdom tricks!

  • Exploring Classic Chinese Traditions.

A safe way to start your Chinese culture journey is to take the time to learn more about classic traditions and etiquette. While the textbooks may help you with the basics, it is always better to read Chinese poetry and see movies with subtitles that will help you see and learn visually. Alternatively, you can watch Chinese festivals online as these will help you to get the best from the over 5,000 years period!

  • Learning Chinese Literature and Music.

Speaking of Chinese literature and music aspect, you should consider checking the Paul Rouzer and Vogelsang books. These will be much easier than dealing with Fuller books for learning, yet it is a great life hack for understanding the Chinese language and literature. As for music studies, you may consider Andy and Sarah Mandarin Chinese channel to make your Chinese culture learning fun and interactive.

  • Discovering Excellent Chinese Cuisine.

Nothing compares to visiting the local Chinese cuisine restaurant. Chinese are always happy to tell you more about their food and share secret tips, especially if you are interested in cooking yourself. Even if you encounter some street snacks in the local community, you can ask questions and browse the Internet to discover more. Joining a Chinese restaurant for a meal, you can arrange a meeting with the cook or staff members to have a cultural trip as you take notes and discover amazing cuisine.

  • Inviting Local Chinese Communities to College.

If you wish to explore Chinese culture in the best way possible and make it correct and error-free, consider joining the local Chinese community. You can ask them to join your college or university as guest lecturers, so you can learn from native Chinese speakers and those who practice Chinese culture on a daily basis. As a way to make your invitation accessible and clear, you can see more info about how to get it done correctly. Just show genuine respect and outline your objectives in a clear way, so they can also find the right person to join you!

Taking Time to Explore Chinese Cultural Traditions in Practice Although nothing compares to visiting China in person or walking through the local Chinatown in the nearby area, it is still possible to explore Chinese traditions in many other non-traditional ways. Some of them include joining Kung Fu classes or watching cultural shows on YouTube or locally as you navigate your way through traditional Chinese grocery markets that go far beyond China. It is like a little secret world of its own as you try to talk to people, see the extreme friendliness, and learn how to approach Chinese people correctly (addressing and greeting the oldest person first with the honorific title and the family name as you say “nin hao”). The more you get outside and spend your time exploring, the better your Chinese culture learning experience will be, as it’s all in the vicinity and waiting to be discovered by those willing to learn.

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