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The Unique Sound of Kong Qin: Wu Xiaochao’s Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Last Updated on 2023/11/23

Kong Qin: A Compact Instrument with a Rich Sound Palette.

Kong Qin (孔琴) is a newly created ethnic plucked string instrument, developed by the guitar player Wu Xiaochao (吴晓超). This instrument stands out for its compact design, yet it delivers a rich and diverse sound quality, a feature attributed to its unique string design.

In most string instruments, strings are typically made of a single material, such as silk or steel, leading to similar tonal qualities across the strings. However, the creator of the Kong Qin, Wu Xiaochao, approached the design with musical expression in mind, choosing four different materials for each of the four strings on the instrument. This innovation results in a richer variety in both tone and sound quality when played.

The Kong Qin’s distinct approach to string material selection reflects a deep consideration for musical diversity and expression. This design choice allows for a broader range of sound textures, making the Kong Qin a unique addition to the world of ethnic Chinese musical instruments. Wu Xiaochao’s innovative approach in creating the Kong Qin demonstrates a blend of traditional musical artistry with modern creative thinking, contributing a novel and valuable instrument to Chinese music.

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