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Main Advantages of Playing Live Dealer Casino Games

Last Updated on 2023/12/11

Live casinos are an essential component of today’s gaming business. And, while consumers were previously uncertain of real-time games, this format is now one of the most popular casino format. What exactly are live dealer games and what are their advantages? What kinds of games are offered in real time to users? Continue reading to find out!

Live Dealers Games vs Classic Games

The online and live gaming platforms are quite different. The biggest disadvantage of a standard online casino is the absence of a unique ambiance.

A random number generator, for example, determines the occurrence of combinations in slots and dice rolls on an internet portal. In a casino with a live dealer, the dealer is in control of this. In both circumstances, the outcome is random, but the gaming process takes longer since users interact with the dealer.

In an online casino, you may practice in the demo mode. This way you can study the game rules, evaluate the software, and attempt the advised strategy without risking money. However, you can only play with real money in live dealer games.

Live Dealer Game Choice

The live dealer casino games have an extensive selection of card and table games. At the same time, the rules of the games are the same as in the classic versions.

The most popular live casino games include:

  • Roulette: The dealer spins the wheel to determine the winners. The user has the right to decide whether to participate in a certain betting round or not.
  • Blackjack: Live blackjack provides players with a wide range of deals and rules. All of them feature real dealers. These games may provide side bets that allow other parties to play on behalf of other players. The limits in blackjack are usually higher than in traditional variants.
  • Baccarat: Live baccarat is less popular than roulette and blackjack. The opportunity to track the process while also viewing data on past wagers is a unique feature of the game.

How to Start Playing Live Dealer Games

You’ve decided to try your luck at an online casino and are serious about winning. To start playing live dealer games, follow the following steps:

First, sign up for an account with the best live casino offering live dealer gaming options and make sure that it’s a reputable platform, licensed by international gambling authorities. Once you do that, review the platform’s bonuses – be it welcome bonuses, first deposit rewards, or hourly prizes – so that you can maximize your rewards on the platform while indulging in live casino games.

Once you do that, make an initial deposit into your account through one of the deposit methods accepted by the casino. Next, access the live dealer section of the site and browse the available games until you find one you would like to try, whether it’s Super 6, Live Baccarat, or Live Blackjack. Then, place a wager at your chosen live dealer game table.

If you win money playing, you can withdraw your winnings back to your bank account or digital wallet through the casino’s cashier section. Just select the same payment method you used to deposit funds initially.

Why Play Live Dealer Casino Games

There are several reasons why more and more people choose to join live dealer games at online casinos. Below we will list some of the main advantages of playing live dealer casino games.


A live casino allows you to not only place bets but also immerse yourself in the establishment’s atmosphere and its authentic game. You can chat with the dealer and with other visitors to the online casino. During the game, you can leave comments, exchange words with other players, and do practically everything you would do in real life.

Fair Play

Many new players are hesitant to register at an online casino because they believe it is rigged. They suspect that the computer’s random number-generating method generates inaccurate results to keep people from winning.

The biggest advantage of live dealer games is the guarantee of fair play. Fraud or deception is not an option here. Special equipment is placed in the studios and the transmission from several cameras is not interrupted for a second. Thus, the unique features of the gaming process in live casinos prevent any possibility of cheating.

Each player can request that the dealer do something, such as waving his hand at the camera. This will demonstrate that the game is fair and free of cheating.

Variety of Games

As mentioned previously, players can choose from blackjack, roulette, and baccarat live dealer games. Practically every casino that offers live dealer tables will offer these 3 main games. Moreover, each game comes in different variations that players are encouraged to explore.

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