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From Ancient China to Modern Online Casinos: A Journey Through Chinese History’s Influence on Digital Gambling

Last Updated on 2023/10/18

Gambling and betting are no strangers to China. In fact, one could easily argue the massive effect early Chinese gambling has had on the world, not to mention its influences on the development of digital gambling. From ancient times to modern-day casinos, the impact is easily visible, with multiple popular games tracing their routes directly back to China. This article will take a closer look at ancient China and possible connections to modern online casinos. 

The Roots of Gambling in Ancient China

The earliest form of gambling in China is known as ‘White Pigeon Ticket.’ To play, players would purchase tickets with numbers, and if they matched the numbers drawn, they would receive a prize. The idea of purchasing a ticket with numbers and hoping to see yours get drawn is one of the earliest examples of our modern-day lotteries.

We can also find a precursor to modern-day baccarat in the Tang Dynasty. During the Tang Dynasty, gambling was becoming more and more popular, particularly a game called Baijiazi. It seems that even in ancient times, people enjoyed testing their luck and the thrill of a big payout. 

How China has Influenced Modern Online Casino Gambling

Moving on to the modern era, we see that ancient China continues to influence the world of gambling, especially online gambling. With the rise of the internet, online casinos have become increasingly popular around the world, with many casinos offering games that are rooted in ancient China. 

As mentioned above, baccarat is an insanely popular game for online players, and it can be traced back directly to China. Likewise, slot machines with Chinese-themed symbols are extremely popular as well. Just look at any online casino like those listed at, and you’ll find many games and slots that feature themes of Chinese dragons, ancient warriors and even ancient Chinese gods. 

Summing Up

To wrap up this brief article, take a moment and think about the last time you were at a land-based casino or gambling online. Did you feel that any of the games or slot machines were Chinese in origin? Hopefully, after reading this, you will start to see the widespread impact ancient China had on the gambling industry and how it is still prevalent to this very day. 

That’s not to say that other cultures didn’t influence the world of iGaming and gambling. There are certainly numerous European and Indian games that can be traced back hundreds of years, but while those might be well known, the impact China has had deserves a better spotlight. 

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