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Who Owns Townsville Casino? Find The Answer

The Ville, called Jupiter’s Townsville until September 2015, has been a central destination of the city since introducing itself to the public in June 1986.

Featuring three restaurants, 194 hotel rooms, 11 events, conference facilities, and four bars, Townsville has been a focal point attracting the attention of not only native people but also a large number of tourists beyond the country.

On October 1, 2014, a new page in the history of this epochal location started as it officially transferred to Colonial Leisure Group, a new owner. This group was quite excited about developing tourism in Queensland and making Townsville one of the leading regional resorts and casinos in the country.

Actually, the rebranding of the Ville was a crucial step that paved the way for a sophisticated and striking new look both for the casino and hotel, with a significant redevelopment commenced in 2016. It helped the Ville to find its prominent place in the leading new casinos and secure its spot as the favorite destination of thousands of players. 

Townsville Casino: The Owner and The Story Behind It

The owner of Townsville, Chris Morris, is one of the richest listers in the country who bought the casino for over $70 million in January 2015. 

In one of his interviews with The Australian Financial Review, Chris Morris said that the Townsville Casino had great potential. However, it couldn’t make good deals because of a lack of investment.

During the interview, he also mentioned that the gambling facilities of the property were the only sectors where money was spent. Even though the casino got over 2,000 visitors daily, it still had a tough time encouraging spending outside the gambling venue in other facilities of the Townsville Resort.

As such, tourists or citizens went to Townsville only to play casino games because the food and beverage offerings were way too average. Only after being obtained by Colonial Leisure Group and Chris Morris did this place begin to develop in other areas as well, becoming a leading regional resort with quality service. 

The Net Worth of Chris Morris

According to the Australian Financial Review, the net worth of Chris Morris is around $1.02 billion. He made his wealth and name in technology as a co-founder of the share registry business Computershare. However, in the last few years, his passion has been mainly in tourism. 

As for the Colonial Leisure Group, currently, it has 15 businesses under its name, covering a Margaret River brewery, numerous pubs, and the Daintree Eco Lodge in north Queensland.

Is It Worth Visiting the Townsville Resort?

With the attracting Whitsunday Islands to the south and with the reefs of Cairns and the beaches to the north, Townsville is sometimes unjustly left unnoticed by tourist organizations and guides. However, after the opening of The Ville in 2018, this passive town has solidly lifted its place.

Due to its beachy Californian vibe, whitewashed walls, and sparkling blue pool, the resort has tripled Townsville’s attractive credentials in a short time. Plus, there is a unique and exclusive gambling space packed with some refreshing and relaxing games to help you enjoy yourself to the fullest without leaving your comfort zone. Townsville is a must-visit place if you like the feelings coming from beachy resorts and the thrill of land-based casinos.

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