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How to protect your health as a gamer

To reach a certain level in the game, the player often needs to work long and hard. Not all missions are equally easy, many of them require players to sit at the computer for hours or even days. Therefore, players must take care of their health. In this article, we will tell you about the main tips that can help you.


This tip is pretty universal for both gamers and any office worker. When we sit at a computer, we are inactive. Because of this, the blood stagnates, and our back and legs become numb. To prevent your back from hurting in a few years, you just need to do massage sessions. Ideally, this should be a course of massages. Many combine this procedure with rest and a trip to warm countries. For example, tourists in the UAE are very fond of attending UKRAINE MASSAGE in Dubai. Massage can be combined with other procedures in the SPA center. The main thing is to choose a good center where professional masseurs work. After all, the wrong procedure can harm. Many gamers self-massage their backs with special balls, tennis balls, or home massagers.


If after a working day at the office, you get into the car, drive home, sit down at the computer at home, and spend a few more hours behind it, you run the risk of gaining excess weight. This is how our body works: we need movement. It helps blood circulate through arteries and veins, and muscles and ligaments experience the load they need.

Therefore, if there are activities, at least simple hourly light workouts in your life, then excess weight does not threaten you. Going in for sports is a classic way to unwind.

The following exercises may help you:

  • The simplest and most effective exercise that will save you from varicose veins: once an hour, get up from the table and start rising on your toes – do 20 lifts.
  • After that, you can do semi-squats: take a chair and sit down on it, then get up and sit down again. And so several times.
  • Push-ups from the support (from the table or wall): you need to lean on the wall or table, take your legs as far as possible from the support and start push-ups, as if from the floor.
  • For the belt and upper limbs, you can take 2 bottles of water of 0.5 liters each and bend your arms at the elbow joint. After that, raise your hands and lower the bottles behind your head. In this case, the humerus should be raised and only the arm is bent at the elbow joint. Then, hold the bottles, lower your hands, press them to your legs, and raise your arms through the sides. This is how the deltoid muscle will work, which takes part in flexion and extension of the shoulder and abduction of the arm to the side.

Buy gaming devices

A mouse in the hands can lead to tunnel neuropathy (suddenly occurring pain in the wrist). It develops because the wrist is constantly pressed against the table – because of this, the nerve that passes in the carpal tunnel is pinched. First, there are unpleasant sensations in the hand, then the muscles of the hand weaken and constant numbness is felt, and in advanced cases, in general, everything can end with an operation.

To avoid neuropathy, the developers came up with vertical mice. When a person holds such a computer mouse, it is not the wrist that is pressed against the table, but only the edge of the palm and the side of the wrist. There are no nerve formations in these structures, and, accordingly, neuropathy will not occur.

If you find it inconvenient to play with a vertical mouse inconvenient, it is better to buy a special gaming mouse.

We also advise you to buy special headphones that suppress third-party noise – this is one of the ways to concentrate and increase productivity. For gamers, they also came up with special chairs that help maintain the correct body position.

Breathing practices

Classical breathing exercises favorably affect the outflow of blood from the lower limb and promote good circulation. You just need to take a deep breath and then exhale. Inhale and exhale again.

Vacuum (when you fill your lungs with air and then exhale absolutely everything that you have gained). With the help of a vacuum, by the way, you can work out the transverse abdominal muscle well, which is responsible for ensuring that the stomach does not hang.

All these exercises are suitable not only for those who like to play computer games for a long time but also for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. We wish you more activities and fewer health problems!

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