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How Have Chinese Arts Permeated Global Culture?

China has a world-famous cultural legacy, and over the centuries the country has become renowned for its distinctive artistic styles. Chinese art techniques and symbolism have gradually permeated other cultures around the world, and now their influence can be seen in modern fashion and entertainment.

A lot of this has been promoted by the overseas Chinese communities that can be found in countless countries around the world. These people have helped spread Chinese culture and ensure there’s a huge market for China-inspired art outside of the country.  

Chinese Influence in Entertainment

The Chinese film industry may not be as well-known as Hollywood around the world, but it has had a heavy influence on the pictures of the West. Chinese martial arts like Kung Fu are commonplace nowadays, thanks to the success of actors like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. These stars showcased the grace and power of the practice and inspired well-known American filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino.

Chinese art and symbolism are even more prevalent in gaming. For instance, there are titles like Fortune Reels and Dragon’s Luck, which feature distinctive Chinese artwork on their thumbnails and on the reels. Titles like these are common in the iGaming sector because a lot of Chinese imagery is associated with luck. There’s also a lot of gold in the colour schemes, reminding players of the riches they are trying to win when playing.

These games can be found among other popular titles portraying other ancient civilizations and can sometimes be played with no wagering casino offers. Promotions include free spins on slot games, along with bonuses after you’ve verified your mobile. A combination of eye-catching slots and offers help casinos attract players, and Chinese artwork has famously helped games stand out.

Chinese Symbolism and Art in Western Fashion

Another common place that Chinese art has permeated Western culture is the fashion industry, where various well-known designers have incorporated the iconic style in their work. Chinese embroidery that involves delicate needlework has been used for thousands of years in the East, and its elegance has inspired fashion experts around the world.

Alexander McQueen was one of the most famous names to be influenced by Chinese art. The late British designer would often use Chinese-inspired motifs in his collections. For instance, his ornate dragon prints on summer outfits were hugely popular, and these captured the essence of Chinese culture.

Gucci is another world-famous brand that has integrated Chinese art in the past. In 2018, for example, its Resort collection had various pieces that were adorned with Chinese-style embroidery. Vivienne Tam is one of the best-known designers to promote the incorporation of Chinese cultural elements in contemporary fashion. The Hong Kong-born American often uses Chinese prints and symbols and helps to spread the influence of Eastern culture throughout the industry.

Chinese art has now become well integrated into Western culture and is highly prevalent in fashion and entertainment. In the future, there are likely to be many more crossovers between Eastern and Western cultures in these industries.

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