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Ways to Enhance Chinese Character Handwriting

Writing in Chinese can seem difficult and tricky because of the numerous unique components you need to keep track of. However, recognizing a character in context, like when reading, is simpler than writing the same character written by hand. Although handwritten Chinese characters can be intimidating, globalization has brought about technologies that save us the stress of actually writing the characters. Despite that, penmanship is a skill that must be learned through hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

“Chinese handwriting improves your recall of the proper characters, the components of each character, and the right usage of the characters within a sentence.”

Do you want to be able to write Chinese characters perfectly? Well, in this article, we will discuss the ways in which you can make it possible. Moreover, for individuals seeking further assistance and guidance in mastering Chinese character handwriting, accessing the services of the best term paper providers can offer valuable resources and expert support throughout the learning process.

Improving Handwriting for Chinese Characters

Chinese writing is an art, and it’s not just all about brush calligraphy. For anyone interested in learning how to write words in Chinese, the following must be taken into consideration.

  • Follow the Proper Stroke Pattern

Every character in Chinese is made up of a unique series of strokes with a specific order, and it is best to know and understand the pattern while maintaining the same proportion. The basic pattern goes as follows; top to bottom; left to right; horizontal to vertical. The stroke patterns also help you to search for characters in the dictionary. There are mostly online dictionaries, and they are based on stroke patterns and the order in which they must go. However, the Chinese stroke order mandates adherence to seven fundamental rules and not necessarily accordingly to their sequential order. Thus, if practiced continuously, will enhance your Chinese character writing.

  • Use the Different Stroke Types Correctly

Each stroke that makes up the characters has a name given to it. This helps a Chinese speaker explain how a word is written without even physically writing it down.

“Knowing stroke types accelerates the memorization of characters and unlocks a deeper understanding of the structure of every Chinese character you encounter.”

Once you have gained this knowledge, you can memorize and write Chinese characters well.

  • Proportion is The Chinese Characters’ Best Friend

When incorrect proportions are used in writing Chinese characters, it shows one is new to it, or one is a learner. Just like stroke order, every character in Chinese has standard proportions that make up each word. The best way to practice spacing when writing Chinese is to use the Chinese paper meant for it, which is the square grid paper. There are rules also guiding the use of proportion in Chinese characters, as they are as important as stroke order; they should be followed accordingly.

  • Know the Radicals and Memorize the Right Character

Radicals are used traditionally to list the characters in a Chinese dictionary and are also used as a phonetic indicator or a semantic indicator. You should know that Chinese radicals can help a Chinese or Mandarin speaker write fluently. It also helps him/her to memorize each character as well as their meaning. They also perform special roles when you write words in Chinese and have an importance that cannot and should not be neglected. You can decipher what the character will sound like through the radicals. Knowing radicals helps you memorize and retain the characters and their meanings.


Effective Techniques for Practice

Becoming very proficient when writing in Chinese requires more than just understanding stroke patterns and proportions. you must practice, and this involves the following

  • Use the Right Paper to Practice

There are certain types of paper to be used for Chinese writing practice.

“You can use Tian Ze Ge or Mi Ze Ge Chinese paper.”

Both papers are used to regulate how Chinese characters are placed in squares. Grid paper is also a good choice, especially for beginners, as it gives clear guidelines for how big or small the character is supposed to be. Using grid papers makes it much easier to compare the proportion of different components.

  • Get Feedback

Getting feedback is important when writing Chinese characters. You might be able to spot some mistakes yourself, but there might also be things that you are doing wrong and you didn’t notice. You might not even be aware that what you’re doing is wrong. When writing Chinese characters, it’s hard to fully understand how complex the writing system can be. If you want to get it right, you need feedback.

  • Mimic a Target Model

Everybody needs a model in life one way or the other. Someone to look up to. Someone who you would want to be like. This is not any different in this aspect. Get a model. Someone who writes well and fluently and preferably someone approved by a native speaker. Aspire to be like them and try mimicking the way they write. This would help you improve your handwriting skills.

  • Spread it Out

It is more beneficial to space your practice than to mass it, as it is done with most forms of learning, including motor skills such as penmanship. This simply means practicing a bit or for very little time a day is better than a long session once a month. This could also be explained further by the fact that stressing one’s self should be avoided. Learn at your own pace.

  • Practice, Practice, and Keep Practicing

Practice is a major step in improving one’s Chinese character writing. You can never be too good, and you can never practice too much. Consistent training in your handwriting makes you fluent in it. When you practice, you need to care about the way it looks. Spend time writing each character not to get them down as quickly as possible but to analyze any mistakes or areas of improvement. Practice, as the layman says, makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you become.


Learning to write Chinese by hand is a very complex task, one that might seem too difficult to write or understand. Although there are more other ways in which you can enhance your writing, these are just the basics. With very little practice and patience, as well as buying essays online, improvements will be seen in your handwriting when writing Chinese characters.

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