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Rocking China: The Evolution of Indie Rock in Urban Chinese Cities

Journey through China’s Vibrant Indie Rock Scene

“Rocking China: Tracing the Roots of Indie Rock” explores the evolving indie rock scenes across various Chinese cities, from Beijing’s rock epicenter to Shanghai and beyond. Over two decades, author Andrew Field explores this music landscape, engaging with key influencers in these scenes to examine the significance of rock music within Chinese society, as well as the challenges that have hindered the growth of indie rock in the country.


The book features notable moments like an immersive rail journey with hardcore rock band SUBS and the legendary ‘rock godfather’, Cui Jian, through the heartlands of China. During Field’s odyssey to document Beijing’s live rock music scene, he discovered a blossoming world filled with musicians, bands, clubs, festivals, and record shop and label owners who are redefining the limits of China’s indie music on a global scale.

A captivating exploration into China’s thriving independent rock music world since the 2000s, this book takes readers on a compelling journey, unveiling an intricate, immersive, and at times, challenging scene in urban China.

About the Author: Andrew Field holds a B.A. in Asian Studies from Dartmouth College (1991) and a Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University (2001). As an Associate Professor of Chinese History at Duke Kunshan University, he conducts classes on Ancient Chinese History and Thought, the History of Shanghai, “China in the World,” and “Sounds and the Chinese City: Live Music Scenes in China”.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Field is a documentary film producer and director, specializing in the portrayal of contemporary creative cultures and communities in China. His expertise and passion for Chinese music and society resonate throughout his work, making him a notable figure in the field.

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