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What is 3 Bet in Poker: How to Use and When to Avoid

The word “3 bets” is used in modern poker theory, but hearing so much about something you don’t fully understand can be aggravating if you are new to the game. Because 3 bets are now an essential part of poker strategy, you will only get far if you understand them. Even though the meaning of 3bet seems easy, there are many more to 3 bets than meets the eye.

You can find poker games in different casinos where you can get 50$ free sign up and other benefits. In this piece, we will talk about everything you need to know. But first, let’s talk about a “3 bet” in poker.

How Does a 3 Bet Work in Poker?

A 3 bet is the third bet in a poker hand. It comes after the initial pre-flop raise or second bet and before the flop. 3 betting is a bold move showing you have a strong hand. You’ll see it often whether you play cash games, tournaments, or online poker. This is one of the most powerful ways to bet in Texas Hold’em.

The 3 betting pushes other players to quit, puts weak players on their own, and gives the player who made it the lead. The approach can also help you raise the pot’s size and payouts, so it’s an important part of any winning poker strategy.

Different kinds of 3 Bet ranges

The different kinds of 3 betting ranges are as follows:

Strong rangeSome poker participants only 3 bet when they have a good hand, like kings or aces. But there are better ways to play than this because any player who devotes attention will quickly figure out what’s going on and fold, and you won’t get the total value of your good hand.
Polarized rangeA better way to play before the flop 3 betting is a split betting range, meaning you should 3 bet your best hands and sometimes a weaker hand, like a pair of high pocket cards when you can. But be careful when you use this approach with a weaker hand.
Merged rangeA united or straight range is ideal for more skilled rivals. With this plan, you only 3 bet pots when you have the best hand or the next-best hand. You only 3 bet when you have one of the top five percent of hands.

3 Betting for Value

Poker players use three bets to build up the pot and get as much money as possible from their opponents when they have a good hand. Imagine you are playing 0.5/1 NL Holdem. The action folds to the CO, who raises A$2.5; you are sitting on the BTN with As Ad. In this situation, it is clear that you have a better hand and that you should try to get your opponent, who has a worse hand, to put more money in the pot.

You can only do this if you bet him three times up to about A$8. By doing this, you quickly raise the pot from A$4 to A$12 and put your opponent back in the game by giving him or her another chance to raise.

3 Betting as a Bluff

Poker participants 3 bets as a bluff, mainly to balance their betting ranges and hide their value 3 bets. Imagine that you only bet three times with your best hands. It would take a little while for your opponents to figure out what you were doing and start folding to your three bets, making it impossible for you to get value from your good hands. Poker players use bluffs as part of their 3 bet levels to stop this from happening.

To be clear, bluff 3 bets are hands where you raise your opponent’s bet before the turn to win the pot without showing your cards. If you add 3 bet bluffs to your game, you will win a lot of easy pots before the flop. You will also have multiple chances to win pots after the flop, so you can keep being aggressive even when you lose. Even though 3 bet lying is a much more complicated idea, we hope this is enough to show why you should add it to your toolkit. You can keep learning how to do it right.

Why You Should 3 Bet More

When you 3-bet, you make it harder for your opponent to decide what to do: A lot of players start out by only 3 betting with their best hands. If they feel brave, we’re talking about QQ+ and maybe JJ and AK. A plan like this is way too safe. You’ll be easy to beat if you only 3 bet when you have JJ or better. When 3 betting, your opponents can safely fold all but their best hands, which stops you from getting value from your monsters. Adding some hands that could be better to your 3 betting spread makes you much harder to play against.

By 3 betting, you can isolate weak players- When 3 betting after a weak player has raised before the flop, players who may have played for a single raise are forced to fold. Also, it pushes the weak player to make a choice they may not be ready for because they need more experience. If the starter doesn’t have a good hand, they will be in trouble and have no way out.

In Three-Card Poker, What Is the House Edge?

In math words, a casino’s benefit over you is called the “house edge.” As a number, it shows how much of a player’s bet they keep as profit over time. This is something that all gambling games have because the house wouldn’t be able to make money and keep running without it. In Three-Card Poker, the house has an average edge of about 3.7%.

By following the Q-6-4 rule described above, you can make the odds slightly better for yourself. This will bring the house edge down to about 2%. When you start making pair-plus bets, the house edge drops to 2.3%.

How to 3 Bet in Poker

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making a 3 bet in poker:

  • Find out the size of the 3 bet in the game- The initial information a participant needs is the amount of their 3 bet. As a general rule, you shouldn’t make small 3 bets because it gives other players a good chance of calling with a bigger range of hands. If you’re wagering in position, you should always place 3 betting at least three times as large as the original offer. If you’re not in position, your 3 betting size should be closer to four times the open raise.
  • Tighten your 3 bet spread- If you 3 bet from any position other than the blinds, you’re likely to scare off the players who still need to do something, putting you in a better situation after the turn. Still, the earlier in the game you are, the more likely it is that someone behind you has a good hand. Adjust your 3 bet range based on your hand. The worse your hand, the narrower your 3 bet range should be.
  • Keep an eye on the first raiser- Lastly, pay attention to where the first person to raise is. Your 3 bet is a bold response to this player’s raise. If this player has a good position, think about how strong their hand is before you 3 bet them. Keep an eye on what the other players are doing with their hands.

When to Make a 3 Bet in Poker

Above all else, 3 betting is an excellent way to increase the size of the pot. Beginners may worry that if they act aggressively, everyone will fold, and they won’t be able to make any money. However, this may be different. Allowing other players to retreat into the flip reduces the value of your hand.

Instead, 3 bet when you have a good chance of winning, build pots and improve your long-term earnings. Big blind stealing is a popular way to play poker. Some late-position players will open up with almost any hand to steal the blinds. You can protect the blinds by making a 3 bet against this.

If you are one of the big blind types and you see this approach, you can challenge the other player by making a 3 bet move. This shows that you are just as aggressive as the other player. Even if your move doesn’t work, the other player will be less likely to steal your blinds.

When Not to 3 Bet in Poker

Three betting is a powerful tool in poker, but you should use it carefully because it can make a good hand less valuable. For example, if you 3 bet a bad hand, other players with weaker hands may fold, but players who call less often are a problem. Generally, a 3 bet that works should make a weaker hand call, a better hand fold, or a drawing hand with a bad chance call.

If you don’t think these things can happen, you should avoid 3 betting. Your choice will depend on your knowledge of the other people in the game. Try to figure out what kind of hand the player who raised is most likely to have and whether 3 betting will force one of the above situations.


If you are new to three betting, you should first learn to distinguish between 3 betting for value and 3 betting to bluff. Many new players have trouble answering when asked if they are 3 betting helps a trick. However, knowing the answer to this question is the first step to making a good 3 betting plan.

You should also learn how to spot different 3 betting situations based on things like the skill of your opponents, the way the game is going, your place, and the size of your stack. Mastering these parts will do marvels for your 3 betting games to create a nightmare for the other players.

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