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Lessons in digital marketing from ancient Chinese wisdom

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Sometimes, in order to find a source of inspiration for one’s work, one has to dig deep into the wisdom of mankind, into the lessons of ancient masters who, in some cases, have only managed to pass on a few fragments of their most important works, while still leaving an indelible and immortal trace of their passage on planet earth.

At a time like this, always marked by crises and marked by an obvious crisis of the most traditional values, people and companies could decide to turn to the masters of the past, to the wise men who marked their era with their immortal teachings, with their pills of wisdom that, even today, can help many people to find their balance, their serenity, or even to improve their work performance and productivity.

Companies, too, should learn to make the most of the teachings of the past in order to give their corporate values a certain elusive identity and shape. By wisely integrating these teachings into its business philosophy, each company will be able to delineate its own identity and present itself clearly before its public, who will indirectly recognise the new values that animate the Brand and will immediately, almost unconsciously, identify it as a new value reference point in which they can rely on, and in which they can place their trust.

A question of values

In this historical phase, consumers are in fact much more inclined to choose a brand or company also on the basis of the values it expresses, often attributing a much deeper meaning to their purchases than that of a mere commercial transaction.

Consumers are much better informed, much more aware than they were ten, fifteen or twenty years ago, and in completing their purchasing procedures they seem to take intangible and intangible aspects into very high consideration, such as the values or ethical principles that animate a brand, in the conviction that a purchase from a particular brand – whose values are obviously in line with their own – can help them express themselves more effectively, and define more clearly their own personality, which nowadays is also manifested through the purchasing choices made by individuals.

It is precisely for this reason that companies should devote a lot of time to the correct communication of their values, of all those principles that have always distinguished the company’s activities and that today, in the age of social media, could induce new consumers to prefer one brand over another, not so much on the basis of product quality and its functional characteristics, but taking into consideration, above all, the ethical and moral aspects linked to the purchase.

The example of Zen

From the ancient school of Zen, which flourished and developed in China – and later spread to Japan as well – every company should assimilate the value of pragmatism, of extreme practicality, which is also one of the hallmarks of Chinese society in every historical era.

It is precisely from the Chinese social fabric that Zen drew its practical, essential, even military character, managing to fascinate even a social class like the Japanese samurai. For companies, being pragmatic in their online communication means first of all carefully choosing their online communication channels, bearing in mind that sometimes, in order to achieve good results, two social media accounts are preferable to a slew of profiles and pages created on all social media, running the enormous risk of dispersing the content and the communication message it contains.

Companies do not need to preside over every single communication space available on the web, nor do they need to create other virtual spaces alongside the site. Sometimes, a well-maintained website and a couple of well-maintained and up-to-date social media profiles can produce wonderful effects for a brand’s communication.

One sector that has always respected this principle, especially online, is certainly that of online gambling, which has always proved capable of offering the right number of sites where to find the most exciting entertainment experiences and the best online casinos, without ever being annoyingly excessive or abundant.

This choice has to do with a pragmatic reason, linked above all to the safety and reliability of the sites proposed. In fact, each game is carefully selected by a team of experts at the site’s disposal, made up entirely of professionals in the sector, who go so far as to choose only the safest and most reliable games among those on the net.

Looking back, each of us can find valuable sources of inspiration for our lives, our work, even our entertainment.

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