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These tips will help you keep your casino bonus winnings intact

Online casino bonuses are a great way to get some extra play at your favorite casino games.

They usually take the form of either bonus cash or free spins and it’s fair to say that you will often use them on your favorite slot game and emerge with nothing to show for it except a little extra experience to take forward. But every so often, a casino slot game will pay out handsomely.

If you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot and acquire some serious bonus winnings, you will be faced with a new type of challenge. You will need to play through the wagering requirement while keeping as much of your reward intact as possible.

Be clear about the rules

Let’s be honest, many of us sign up for these bonuses without looking twice at the terms as we don’t really expect to win anything. If you suddenly have a three or four figure sum sitting in your account, it becomes a different matter, though! The first step, then, is to be clear about the challenge ahead.

If you managed to find the best casino bonus, these bonus rules will be clearly and unambiguously explained by the casino. However, as mentioned earlier some of us dive into all sorts of strange agreements with little expectation of actually wining! Either way, it is time to get serious.

Of course there is the wagering requirement that tells you how much you need to bet and rules telling you which games you can play that work towards the playthrough. But also, check the expiry date of the offer – the bonus might only be valid for a maximum 30 days, that is a standard term in many crypto casinos. Look for max bet limits, too, as these are often enforced to prevent players for taking the wagering requirement at a sprint. Finally, watch for any early withdrawal penalty. A little like banks, Some casinos have been known to enforce these ruthlessly and without warning.

Strategies for a successful play through

Once you are clear as to what is and is not allowed, you can start to take some positive action. If your bonus allows you to play through on non-slot games then do so for heaven’s sake. Video poker and blackjack are ideal as both are very low-volatility games. Huge wins are uncommon, but that’s fine. The important thing is you get small regular payouts so your bankroll stays steady.

Unfortunately that is not possible with a large number of bonuses and you are often restricted to slot games. If this is the case, choose your game with care. RTP is of course important – the game with the highest average return will have the least impact on the money you are trying to preserve. But also consider volatility.

You already kicked this off with a big win, so don’t be greedy and look for another. What you need is a game with low volatility that will pay out little and often. Play it smart, and you will meet the wagering rules sooner than expected.

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